Sunday, January 4, 2009

~Some random pics and pics of our trip to Medellin.~

~This is a picture of Noah and Elijah wearing their outfits that Gram and Gramp got them for Christmas!~~For Christmas, My parents got me this new skirt and a year's subscription to Better Homes and Gardens magazine. =) My sweetheart got me this new coat for Christmas. =)~
~Last Sunday evening, I knew it was going to be the last time to use our Christmas China for awhile, so I made a special little "Tea party" snack for my family! I made these new cookies: Choc. candy canes cookies as part of our little tea, and we really liked them. (On Monday we all worked together and put all of the Christmas decorations away. So that when we got back from our trip to Medellin I wouldn't have that facing me too.=)~
~For our little Tea party last Sunday night I also made roll-ups using left-over turkey, cheese, a special sauce, and lettuce. They were yummy! And we had Fresh strawberries and powdered sugar too. My family enjoyed our little tea party.~
~Our kids love to help Elijah stand up. He does pretty good for awhile, then falls. =)~
~Elijah was playing with this toy and it ended up on his leg. =)~
~Last week, we decided to take a little break and go to Medellin, Colombia for a few days as a family. We wanted to leave early Monday morning, but Tuesday morning was the earliest we could get tickets. Medellin is a 9-11 hour bus ride with LOTS OF CURVES and we ALWAYS GET SICK, making it a miserable trip. Well, this time, Thanks to my dear Moma buying us some dramamine medicine, we had a GREAT trip. We weren't sick and slept most of the way. Phillip and I took turns holding Elijah. I thought this was cute of all 3 of my "men" sleeping.~
We also got smart and bought a portable DVD and earphones so that when the bus put on their very violent horrible movies (which one cannot avoid seeing and hearing!!), our kids could watch one of our DVDs. One time one of the bus movies was about a women stalker and was full of blood shed, etc...and it was sooo Scary and it was in ENGLISH. We tried to plug our ears and look out the window, but we still heard and saw WAY more than we ever wanted to see!! So...We figured that our kids seeing "Bro. Sheffey" was a lot better than the blood shed, horrible language, etc. that the bus movies contain. ~Elijah and Mommy in the bus.~
~On the way there we were praying that God would guide us to the right hotel to stay in. (Phillip usually stays at a men's dorm of a Bible College when he is there, so we needed a hotel room for our family.) When we got there the kids and I stood with the stuff while Phillip talked to the info desk and they recommended a nice and pretty inexpensive hotel. Here in this picture Elijah decided to "teeth" on the suitcase handle. Yuck! (I didn't let him do it much after the picture. =)~
~One thing that Medellin is known for is their Christmas lights. I took this picture from the taxi as we were heading to our hotel.~
~We had not been in that hotel about 5 mins. when in walked another American man and asked us in English where we were from. You can imagine our surprise to find out he was from Cooksville, Tennessee. He found it interesting that I had been raised near Marysville, Tenn. about 30 mins. from the Great Smokey Mountains. He lives in Panama, but was in Medellin to find something to buy, for he plans on moving there very soon. It was so neat to meet him, and we visited with him several times in the 3 1/2 days that we were there and exchanged email and phone numbers. It's a small world.~

~After getting our hotel room, we ran out to get a bite of supper.~Poor Noah woke up having a fever. Later we discovered that he had an ear infection. Thank the Lord for medicine that helped him survive the days there. We felt badly that he was so sick. He rode in Elijah's stroller a lot of the time.
~A complementary breakfast was provided with the hotel room. This wasn't any little bowl of cereal, it was a real meal. Each morning, they offered 2 or 3 kinds of fresh fruit, 2 kinds of fresh fruit juice, rolls, butter and jelly, arepas (sort of like a thick tortilla) sliced ham and cheese, scrambled eggs, coffee or hot choc. and one morning they offered rice to go with all of that. It was nice, for with that breakfast we would go all day with just little snacks every once in a while and then nearer evening we would eat a nice supper.~
~Elijah fell asleep in the stroller while we ate breakfast.~
~Phillip took this picture of the kids and I eating breakfast.~
~We took our kids to this park where all the kids play in the water in their clothes. They had a blast. Medellin is MUCH WARMER than Bogota, so the water felt really good to them. Medellin is known for it's "Spring Like" weather all year around.~
~"Elijah the tourist!" We bought this hat for Elijah and he cracked us for with his little sandals and his hat he looked like a TOURIST!! All he lacked was a camera bigger than himself, and he would have fit the picture perfectly. =)~
~More Christmas lights~

~Phillip took this pic of the kids and I by the river. They string Christmas lights all above the main river in Medellin. Since December/January is more like Spring here in Colombia they use a lot of flowers and butterflies, etc. to decorate for Christmas.~~Someone took this pic of our family with the lights from the river behind us.~
~Across the river is Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus all lit up, and then the train lights of the electric train that runs through Medellin is behind them.~
~Later I will post more pics from the last 2 days we were in Medellin.~


Anonymous said...

Just what I wanted to hear that you had a nice time. And to think you even got to meet a new friend from TN. It was wonderful being with the Grandones in TN but as always it is never complete with even one missing. Andrew and Vonnie's plan to get a place for all of us and a Grandmother TN Christmas worked wonderfully. I must run and get ready for guest but when I did not hear from you via e-mail I was "forced" to go to your blog. So glad that the lights were still up and thank the Lord for the nice motel. The breakfast looked first class . . . as did "our" kiddeos! ;-) I love you, Moma

Denise said...

Looks like you had a very nice time! You're children are SO blessed to be able to experience all these neat corners of God's creation! Most kids have to settle for a book description and someone else's photos!

I wish I could have come to your tea! Everything looks so yummy and pretty.

Have a wonderful week in Jesus!
Aunt Nesi

Michele said...

All your snacks look wonderful! Glad you tried the Candy Cane cookies. Your trip looked like fun, loved all the pretty lights. God Bless!

Dorcas said...

The tea party looks like it was fun and all the snacks you had! And I'm envious of the fresh strawberries :o)) Sounds yummy!! I'm so happy that your family could get away for a little while. I'm sure you need that every so often! As always, I always enjoy your blog & hope to meet you in person one day!!

sankey family said...

I loved this pictorial tour of Medillin. Maybe one day we'll be able to visit that city, too. The lights were beautiful. So glad you all had a good time as a family. Those time are so important to missionaries. Not sure I would love that long bus ride, but sounds like it went better for you all this time. Ask my sister Missy about her long bus ride in Mexico!

Kelly S said...

Looks like such a nice time for your family! I enjoyed seeing your pictures. So glad everything went well for you.

Leah said...

Heather - just wanted to stop in and tell you that I enjoy keeping up with your family through your blog and pray for you as often as you come to my mind!!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather and Family,
Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. We loved getting the photo tour and were praying that you all had a nice time there. I'm SOOOOO Glad your man decided to take you all. We deserve every bit of that break. We love you and miss you SOOOO much. It wasn't the same without you all there with us in TN. May God bless you all for the sacrifices you are making for HIS KINGDOM to be advanced. Love you so much, your sister, Laura

sherryldickinson said...

I especially loved the picture of the 3 'men' sleeping on the bus, and the one of Elijah standing on the couch in his nightgown. I wish I could hold that little chunk of blondie-Elijah! I was soooo grateful to hear that dramamine helped you guys with your car sickness. I cannot bear to hear how sick everyone usually gets on that ride to Medellin.
I was anxious to get to the computer this morning to see what has been going on in your life lately. We miss you guys but are happy you are keeping constructively busy and contented. We love you! Mom D

Gayle said...

Glad you had a nice time. Your party looks yummy! Love you all!

Ronda said...

Love, love, love that you make life so interesting for your family....the tea party looked so pretty! Enjoyed all of your pics! Hope that you will have a wonderful 2009! God bless...

Kimberly said...

Yeah for dramamine! That city looked glad ya'll got a little "retreat".

I, too, just LOVE that Elijah in the little nightgown...soooo cute!

Rob and Deanna said...

So neat!! I love the lights a great view of their "culture".

Kim M. said...

Great update and pictures!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
So loved the photos of your trip. Especially loved the picture of your little "Tourist" Elijah. You could just hear Phillip laughing in that picture by the great shot of both of them. Love you so much and how we miss you... love your sister Laura

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