Friday, January 30, 2009

~Trying to touch life at a time.~

~On the Sunday after the Colombian wedding we had Juan Martin and 2 of his children over for a Special Christmas dinner and to give them some Christmas gifts we had for them. Our table all ready for guests.~~I served baked pork chops, mashed potatoes, gravy, broc./cauliflower salad, corn, and iced tea. We had a nice meal and visit together.

~Here we are eating our meal...sorry the picture turned out so dark.~

~Juan Martin had just had a birthday so we gave him a nice writing pen, and a good Holiness book, and a 2009 calendar that I had had made up with pics of his family with our family.~
~Felipe opening his gifts. A neat Holiness book on raising a godly family (so he'll know what to look for in a wife =), and to inspire him to want to raise his future family for Jesus. He is like my Phillip and LOVES good Holiness books. We also got he and his sisters a 2009 desk calendar with pics of their family and ours in it.~
~Paula didn't really have a warm coat and was always borrowing one of Kimberly's coats, so Kimberly suggested that we buy her a coat for Christmas. We found her a nice black coat with fur around the hood, and she seems to really like it. We also sent home a gift for Paula's sister Karen and their mother.~

~In Colombia this "Natilla" is very common at Christmas time. It's like a pudding. I made these for our dessert. The one on the left is coconut and the one on the right is caramel.~
~Juan Martin made me this cute little Christmas tree candle holder...that he made out of wood. I'm not for sure how he did it, but he told me that he also used a decorated paper napkin for the front somehow. I was very happy with this cute gift.~
~And here it is all lit up.~
~Juan Martin also made us this cute little "window". (It is hanging on the white decorated tile in my that is what is showing through the window.) He put our name at the top and even made the cute little curtain. This is to hang our keys on, and has a place to put our bills that need paid in between the wall and the window. He has a little clay pot of flowers he wants to bring and glue on too. Very cute and creative.~
As you know we Christians are in a battle. As these lines of a song says:
"It's a battlefield brother, not a recreation's a fight and not a game."

This past week Phillip and I were facing a HUGE battle...and so we decided that we would bind together and PRAY HARD that God would answer prayer! One morning while Phillip was having his devotions, He felt like God gave him this promise for Colombia.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
St. John 15:16 Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Needless to say that was VERY ENCOURAGING to Phillip and I...and we can see how God is already working in the situation that we are praying about. Thank you for your prayers...the devil does NOT like us trying to touch souls for JESUS, and often tries to discourage us and our Colombian Christian friends.


Diane said...

You all have been on my heart and mind and in my prayers. May God bless you and all you're doing for Him!

You amaze me with your energy and all you accomplish. You always set such a beautiful table. The window gift was so cute and unique, loved it!

Joy said...

Love your Christmas dishes! I will agree with the previous comment, your table always looks so pretty. Even though I only know you through your blog, you all have been in my thoughts and prayers, especially lately. May God bless you as you work for Him and give you fruit for your labors. (I have especially been praying for your safety as you face things I know nothing about).

Ronda said...

Your Christmas table looked so beautiful! You are the perfect "hostess"! :)
Keep encouraged and may God bless your efforts! We will keep you in our prayers. I have a special place in my heart for missionaries...You all give so much! May you feel God's arms around you!

Anonymous said...

Your table and Christmas decorations were beautiful! I love to see your family and their beautiful smiles ( the little one is the king of smiles!) I am so happy to hear how God is helping and working in your lives and the lives around you :-) Please stay encouraged I am praying for your family every day. Thank you for the card it was very encouraging to me, God is sooooo good to us he always knows when we need a kind word.
Love and prayers

Yvonne DeLong said...

Hello Heather, thanks for your comment on our blog. I had just gotten done looking at yours a few minutes before. Yes, Steve remembers you, even though I don't think I've met you personally. But I was a teenager when your sister and husband were at Schnectady NY and also grew up in the same conference (NY Pilgrims) that they and your parents pastored in. I enjoy reading your blog and reading about others who are laboring around the world for Christ. Blessings on you and your family!

Rex and Missy McDowell said...

Thanks for the nice comments that you have been leaving on our blog. We enjoy reading your's as well. You had mentioned that we might live close to where the Robberts used to live. We actually live right across the street from where they stayed.

lila said...

Dear Heather, God could not have picked a better or more Godly couple than you two. No the devil doesn't like the fact that you are touching lives for Jesus. I'm so thrilled for those people to have you guys over there. I know they will cry their eyes out like I did when you left Phoenix if you ever have to leave them. You are doing an awesome job! love you tons


sherryldickinson said...

Heather, this Christmas celebration was beautiful and it touched my heart. I could see the appreciation and love coming from Juan's face, and the fact that he takes time to make you those gifts lets you know he is grateful for all you guys do for him. I was thinking last Saturday how VERY MUCH I miss your little family but I told Jesus I would not have you home for anything. I would rather have you working there for Him . We are going to see Bob Kamman tonight, and will tell him you mailed your paperwork to him. LOVE, Mom and Dad D

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear you guys are going through stuff but, I'm happy that God is already showing Himself to you! I have been having a hard time lately too! Nothing major just ready for a break:) I haven't been back where I grew up since last summer and though that usually doesn't bother me I am ready for a short visit:) I miss silly things and most of all family! Oh well!!!! I'll pray for you:) Take care and remember we feel our worst when we are hungry, angry, lonely and tired. (H.A.L.T.) It helps to remember that for me sometimes,
God Bless and Love,

Anonymous said...

Your dinner sounded yummy and looked so pretty too! In these days asking Jesus to help your hearts stay focused on HIM and HIS LOVE! Thanks for sharing that promise with us all. That was precious! God is GOOD! Love, Laura

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