Tuesday, January 27, 2009

~A Colombian Wedding~

Having Christmas and then 2 children's birthdays in January, I'm just now getting to post about a wedding that we helped a young couple in one of our churches to have on Saturday, December 20th, 2008. They, as is common here, had lived together for some time and have a baby together. Phillip urged them to get married, and told them that we would help them pay for a wedding. Jimmy and Farly graciously let them/us use their church for the wedding, and decorated it very nicely as their gift to them. The bride had always wanted a December wedding, and God helped it to be a beautiful wedding and the couple is happy to be married now. I hope that you enjoy these pics.
~Kimberly got to do the bride's hair.~
~Making the refreshments before the wedding. Our family paid for the refreshments and wedding cake as part of our gift to the bride and groom.~
~The groom. About 2 hours before the wedding, the bride told us that the groom was still trying to find a suit to borrow to wear to the wedding. We were all surprised when he showed up looking very nice in a suit and wearing an orange tie...God coordinated that, for Jimmy and Farly had decided last minute to decorate the church with the color orange. =)~
~The wedding cake. (Phillip did all the shopping for the cake, the topper, (he got white not knowing that the bakery would decide to use off-white icing =), the Wedding Bible, and the other refreshments...he did a lot to help this couple have a happy pretty wedding. =)~

~A cute little sign that Jimmy and Edgar made to put up in front of the church.~
~Sarah has ALWAYS wanted to be a flower girl in someone's wedding...but due to being on the mission field, she never had been, and we didn't know if she ever would be...but God gave her the desire of her heart and she made a pretty little flower girl.~
~Wasn't Noah the cutest little Bible bearer. =) As timid as he is...I was glad that he did it.~
~While waiting outside the church for the bride to arrive, a man needed help pushing a truck, so the groom, Jimmy and a couple more men got put to work.~ =)
~Joanna kept Elijah for me, and rocked him to sleep.~
~Outside the church waiting for the bride to arrive. It is very common here for the bride to be at LEAST one hour late! This time, the bride, her mother-in-law, baby and sister-in-law were in a taxi, and the taxi got lost and let them out some ways from the church. Jimmy jumped into his car and went and found them and brought them to the church. =)~
~The lost bride finally arrived...right on time (for Colombia)...she was only AN HOUR LATE!~ =)
~Here it is a custom for some girls to hold ribbons and the flower girl (Sarah) cut the ribbons for the bride to walk through.~
~Sarah and Noah with the bride and groom. On Sunday morning before church...One week before the wedding, the bride told us that she was having a hard time finding a dress to rent for they were about $75.00 and that was too expensive for her to afford. I prayed about it during church, and after church a visitor told her of a lady she knew that rented out a dress, shoes, pillow and flower basket...and the bride was able to rent it all for about $15.00. Praise the Lord! The bride and groom looked very nice.~
~Phillip and I led a few hymns about Godly homes at the beginning of the wedding.~
~I thought that Kimberly did a good job with the bride's hair.~ =)
~The bride and groom's baby girl~
~Phillip had the privilege of marrying them.~
~Look who was tearing off some of the pretty flowers...uh oh! =)~
~With the white Bible that Phillip was able to find for their wedding.~
~Phillip and I with the bride and groom.~
~Jimmy and Farly with the married couple~
~Kimberly caught the bouquet...but let's hope that it's a few more years before she decides to get married. =)~Could you please join us in praying for Cesar and Rocio that God would help them to serve him and have a Happy CHRISTIAN HOME?! Thank you!


Lori said...

The wedding turned out so nice, it's always neat to see the customs of different countries. Also, the apple pie recipe looks sooo good! I just made a Carmel Pecan Cheesecake Pie last night, it was delish. I plan to try your recipe this weekend, thanks for posting it!

sherryldickinson said...

What a beautiful Colombian wedding this couple had. I would have been so pleased with everything had it been my wedding-and I am sure that Rocio was very happy. It made me cry to see how the color of Cesar's tie exactly matched the orange that Jimmy and Farley picked to decorate the church. The way everything coordinated and dove-tailed so smoothly, let us know this wedding had the sanction of God on it. I will not be one bit surprised when that couple decides to go all out for Jesus. I loved every single-dingle picture and explanation on this wedding post. BEAUTIFUL!
With love, Mom D

Linda S said...

Love what you are doing in Columbia. Reminds me of a few weddings here.....even the lateness. One wedding the groom's mother was 45 min late. I played the piano and I thought everything was going okay and I started play in time, only I played on and on and on and on.....

Sarah Cook said...

Believe it or not there was a simular wedding at our church not long ago... I think the bride was an hour or so late.
Looks like you all did a nice job!

Rob and Deanna said...

So pretty. The bride's dress was gorgeous, so simple, feminine & elegant!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather, Phillip, Kimberly, Sarah, Noah and Elijah... thanks SO MUCH for giving of yourselves for the dear people you minister to there in Columbia! God Bless you and all your efforts for HEAVEN! Love, Laura

separate-holy said...

I remember seeing this girl when she was carrying the baby. If you feel free tell her she made a pretty Bride.
The Lord has reminded me already to pray for them.
Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing what you guys are a part of there. It's so fun to read your blog:)God Bless you all!!

Doug and Kim Hoffman said...

I was so intrigued at the awesomeness of the providence of God once again - in that the groom's orange shirt matched the orange decorations! What a beautiful milestone for this couple and for you all. God bless your service for Him!

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