Thursday, January 22, 2009

~An update...and...Want some more carrots, Elijah?~

An update on our house situation. We had thought of trying to find another house to rent, but we like this house, the area, etc. and the houses that we have looked at, don't even compare to this I think we will stay here, and just fix the problems that this house has. It appears that the water leak is our hot water tank. It is being repaired and so for the next 5 days we have only COLD WATER!!! But, thank the Lord, it appears that it's not the pipes underneath the house, so they might not have to tear out the dinning room, living room, bathroom, and hallway floor like we thought that they would have to. PRAISE THE LORD! Now, we have a few other major problems, one of them being some electrical problems which could cause a fire. Please help us pray that God will keep us safe, until they can get those fixed too. Thank you for your prayers, they mean a lot.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~We tried to feed Elijah some cooked you can tell by these pictures, he wasn't very impressed. =) ~

~Phillip was laughing so hard as he videoed this that the video was very shaky.~

~Sunday night Elijah started crawling...shortly thereafter he started pulling up...and now...~
~He stands up too. Now he gets into I've started calling him "WHYJAH...Now we say, "Whyjah...WHYD'YA do that?" =)~

~Elijah trying out Noah's little 3 wheeler.~
~There aren't such things as thrift stores here. However, we did hear of a couple stores that sold some used/some new baby things, so we went to check them out. They were pretty expensive, but they had this Colombian type high chair for cheap...because most people want the new American type things, and not this wooden high chair. This is exactly what we were wanting, so we praise the Lord for helping us to find it. =)
~Elijah is soon as we pick up the camera now...he starts cheezin'!~
~Elijah likes his new high chair...he likes to be up on our level and eat with the family.~
Please help us pray that Elijah won't kill himself on this VERY HARD floor. With my other babies I have had carpet...but with him...when he pulls up, he isn't very secure yet, and if he falls, he could hurt himself really badly on this HARD FLOOR! We try to follow him around and put a blanket behind him to help "break the fall", but as you know, as a Homeschooling Mommy, missionary/pastor's wife, etc. I just cannot follow him around all the time! =)


separate-holy said...

Congrats Elijah on that good looking chair. Gramp is happy you have one and a nice one to made in Colombia. I love you, your siblings and your Moma and Papa.

Anonymous said...

Well what do you know a comment from Gramp and one to follow from Gram! I like your high chair very much. Make sure and remind Mommy to be sure and tie you in.;-) Those carrot pictures are soooo cute, Daddy and Mommy are going to have a challenge to make you take a taste of everything served and clean your plate when it comes to carrots. ;-) I love you, Gram

Gayle said...

Cute pictures! We are praying you can stay in your house. I love the high chair . It was so nice to talk to you the other night. We love you and we are praying for you.

Karen Walden said...

He is adorable!!!! Such a cutie pie! Great pictures! Hard to believe that baby you were pregnant with last year at IHC is crawling and pulling up! He looks like a very happy baby boy!

Kim M. said...

Heather.. so glad to hear the good news about your house! My boys and I have been praying for you all in our morning devotions; so in the morning I will tell them how God answered! :-)

I love the pictures and video and Elijah. Too hilarious!

Oh.. and I love the highchair!

Roseanna said...

Those pictures of Elijah eating carrots were soooo funny. I liked how in the video he kept letting you shovel them in, even though he wasn't sure what to do with them. Too cute.

Rob and Deanna said...

Love the chair, it is Gorgeous! Whadja is so cute & it is so "fun" when they pass each "Mile-Marker". :-)

Beth said...

We're glad you get to stay in your house and praying that all the work will go well. Also praying for Whyjah to be safe.

sherryldickinson said...

Those first pictures of Elijah eating carrots were absolutely adorable! Then, the video clip of him eating them, made me laugh so hard. His expressions said it all in telling us how he felt about the taste of those carrots. One thing about Elijah, he is very vehement in expressing himself. One has no question at all about his opinion of things.
He is totally delighted at being able to stand up beside of things.
Adorable pictures of your baby.
Love, Mom D

Joy said...

So cute! Loved the video! Samuel has just started eating baby food and the faces he makes when he tastes something new are hilarious. Will be keeping you all in my prayers.

Steve & Angela said...

The pic's of Elijah eating those for the first time are to adorable. I remember those days and they are just to much fun.. Glad to hear the update on the house. Praying for you all!! Love from phx.

Anonymous said...

The kids and I just got on and watched that video... it was SOOO hilarious we LOVED hearing you all laughing too, especially Kimberly's contagious giggle... How we MISS YOU "Whydja" too! Hugs and kisses from our family to yours... Love, Laura

Tara said...

Never get tired of seeing pics of that adorable baby! LOVE that nickname..."Whydja"! That is so sweet.:) And if your house is anything like ours, all the kids will be saying it nonstop now!

Hope everything works out with your home. Be safe!

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