Tuesday, December 30, 2008

~The first half of Our Christmas day pics~

We had a very good Christmas. It was just a fun, quiet, and relaxing day to be together as a little family. Elijah had me awake at 6:00 AM so I filled our stockings, then went back to bed until later. When I got up Kimberly fed me a special breakfast that she had made and then the kids gave me a goodie box. We opened our stockings, read the Christmas story out of Luke 2, then opened our gifts. We woke up to no water in the house, so that made it a tad difficult making Christmas dinner. The Lord helped me though and we enjoyed our yummy meal together and then as we were finishing eating our water came back on. We didn't know how long it would be off...just a few hours, or a few days. Praise the Lord, it was just a few hours. I hope you enjoy these pics.
~A Christmasy table~I LOVE making pretty tables...it is so fun!~
~I woke up and Kimberly had made me a special breakfast out of her cookbook. Yes...I really was as tired as I look in this pic. =)~
~The kids ready to open their stockings.~
~Mommy watching her kids. It really is more blessed (fun) to give than receive. =)~
~We got our girls these cute little toy violins.~
~A little tiny violin.~
~Sarah acting like she is playing her violin.~
~Elijah chewing on some toys that he got in his stocking.~
~I made Phillip and I a stocking too, just a few pieces of candy or candy bars. =)~
~Our kids decided that they wanted to made a little goodie box for Mommy...so that I would have some surprises on Christmas morning. (Since I was putting together my own stocking. =D) So they made this box, bought me 2 headbands, this red scarf that I'm wearing, a hair scrunchy, and they all made me a card, and Phillip made me one too. It was really sweet.~
~The Beckers gave us a neat set to do each Christmas that is little gifts that talk about the Nativity and then the last gift is a mirror and it teaches that YOU are what Jesus wants for Christmas. When I brought the "What Jesus wants for Christmas" box out, Noah said, "Oh, goodie...it's the Jesus thing...I want to give my heart to Jesus again".~

~Noah playing with the little gifts from the "What Jesus wants for Christmas" set.~
I'll post the last half of pics from our Christmas day soon.~


Tamra said...

Your Christmas plates are so pretty. Glad you had a nice day together as a family.

Kim M. said...

So glad you all had such a MERRY CHRISTMAS

sherryldickinson said...

Every time I see Elijah sitting on Kimberly's lap with his two eyes looking around, and his pacifier in his mouth, it makes me laugh. He acts like he belongs on Kimberly's lap, and she acts like that's where she likes him. They are quite the pair.
We loved your Christmas postings-but, I've been too busy to comment. Love, Mom & Dad D

Ronda said...

Enjoyed your Christmas pics...looks like a wonderful day! What a precious family! Loved your Christmas table, too...so pretty! May you have a blessed 2009!

Peggy B. said...

Happy New Years Day! Hope you have a wonderful year.

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