Tuesday, November 8, 2016

~My Birthday~

First off, THANK YOU For all your SWEET CARING comments and concern, and PRAYERS!  All your love and concern has really meant A LOT to me.

This comment that Lisa left on my blog has become TRUE....
"I am so sorry. When I lost my daughter at 30 weeks, I asked the Lord in my dark, dark times why He had to be a Spirit...why He couldn't come and be with me physically on this earth to give me comfort. And I felt like He told me soon after that He did comfort me physically here in my grief. 
Every hug, every card, every meal, every word...was from the Body of Christ. 
I will pray for you in these hard days." ~Lisa

YOU have Been Jesus' hands and feet to me during my hurt!   
THANK YOU!!!   ~Heather~

Our family surely went through a ROLLER COASTER of emotions last week.
First the miscarriage that nearly KILLED me...then it was time to celebrate Mommy (My) birthday.
My heart is still very SAD...but I'm trying to Trust Jesus in the midst of my sadness!!

~My Sweet Sister, Dearest Laura was the first one to bring over some homemade rolls and a sweet note letting us know how SORRY she was and that she and her family were praying for us!
~My In-laws Sweet Dad and Mom sent us these pretty flowers with a sympathy note about our losing baby!~
~My dear friend Megan surprised me with this Edible fruit bouquet.~
~Just Wanted you to know that Jesus Cares!  I love you and I'm praying for you!~
~So sweet and YUMMY!  I really enjoyed this....and shared it with my family!  The Green apple slices tasted like they had salted caramel on them and then they were dipped in chocolate.  YUM!~

One thing that Jesus used to cheer up my heart for my birthday...was all the FREE things, discounts, etc. that I got for my birthday!!
So, My Sweetheart took me on a date and we hopped from store to store to get my Birthday treats! :-)
~Kohls sent me $10.00 Kohl's cash for my birthday, PLUS $10.00 for being a valued customer.   HOW FUN to shop with $20.00 to spend.~

 ~This little girl....our little Abigail has NO WAY of knowing the SADNESS that Daddy and Mommy (and the other children) have been through with a second miscarriage, but she surely is bringing  A LOT of JOY in the midst of our sadness with her hugs and loving!!!~

 ~Before Phillip and I left for my birthday date, We took Kimberly with us and ran and voted early!  Yes, I was FREEZING.  We stood in line for nearly an hour out in the chilly air.~

 ~Phillip and I leaving for our date.~
 ~Before we left our house a Dear friend texted us and told us that they had an account at Coffee Emporium and they wanted us to go by and get a coffee and pastry or whatever we wanted on THEIR ACCOUNT!  THANK YOU!!!!!
So, we ran through Steak and Shake drive thru and used a BOGO coupon for buy a sandwich and fries and get one free...and ate that for our supper...then ran to get our yummy coffee at Coffee Emporium.~
 ~Can't Beat FREE Coffee Emporium coffee and treats!!~

 ~These houses remind us of our Argentina.~
 ~So, on Saturday, I got my FREE Drink at STARBUCKS!~
 ~Then Panera Bread sent me a coupon for a free birthday cookie, PLUS, a free bagel every day of the month of November. :-) ~
 ~Yummy...Can't beat free Panera Bread pastries.~
 ~Abigail snugglin' with Daddy.
Yesterday Abigail snuggled with Mommy and cried with me.  She didn't know why I was crying...but it was comforting being with her!!~
 ~My Birthday table.~
 ~Balloons stretched over white pumpkins...added a pink touch to my table.~
 ~The pink ribbon came with my pretty flowers from my friend Kelly Stamper.~
 ~I made a Cherry pie for my birthday dessert.~

 ~Elijah and Noah put the pink balloon pieces on the Salt and Pepper shakers. :-) ~
 ~A fun paper place mat.~
 ~A sweet gift from Daryl and Laura and family.  Yummy Colombian Coffee, Loose leaf Raspberry green tea, and a cute jacket.~
 ~My sweet friend Stephanie gave me a loaf of sourdough bread, and a bag of Reese's pumpkins.~
 ~I got a free gift from Bath and Body works.~
 ~I got a 15% off my entire purchase at Clothes Mentor (A consignment shop for ladies clothing) for my birthday.
At Clothes Mentor I found a neat suit jacket BRAND NEW from Ann Taylor Loft ......marked for $129.00......BUT I ONLY PAID....
 ~$3.00 MINUS my 15% discount!!!!  :-)   God is Good!~
 ~My Sweet friend Amy sent me a fun package full of neat gifts.~
 ~Fun gifts from Amy.
The one that says "Our Family" goes like this....
Good Times,
Hard Times,
in God
To show us
the Way...
and Living,
in Love,
Side by Side,
Day by Day!

 ~I took Mary out for coffee hot chocolate and one of my FREE bagels at Panera Bread.~
 ~And the Birthday rewards are still coming in.   Yesterday I was at Goodwill...and she asked if it was my birthday.  I told her that my birthday was on Sunday...and she said, "OK!"  And gave me 50% off anything that wasn't on sale!!! :-)
I got this one today from Michaels and I got a free Choc. Chunk Cookie reward waiting for me at Chick-fil-a.  :-)  I'm loving this!!~
~My Sweet heart got me my beautiful Cotton Wreathe on our mantel!
~He and our kids gave me some money towards my BOSCH MIXER that I am saving up to buy.
~My U. Dan and Aunt Carole sent me a sweet card and a gift card!
~My Sweet Daddy and Moma sent me a sweet card and a gift.
~Jesus has given me a fun birthday....and it has helped me heart to smile in the midst of my tears!


Hannah Avery said...

What fun gifts to brighten your day! Happy belated Birthday! I'm praying for you!


Moma said...

Good evening Sweet Heather, So glad to finally take a minute and get on-line to check my e-mail and your posts. Your birthday sounded wonderful and am so glad for all who tried to lift your heart aches! God has a perfect plan, sometimes it is hard to see! Daddy and I love all your sweet family. Again I say, I Love you, Moma

lila said...

What a sad, happy, and fun post!! Your birthday table is beautiful!! I'm glad for all the things family and friends did to help your heart! I prayed for you an hundred times at least. God sees the big picture! We just have to trust! Love you tons

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