Wednesday, November 30, 2016

~Blessings 19 - 30 of 30 Blessings~

Go here to see my post of my Blessings 13-18 

Warning: grab yourself something hot to drink....this is a LONG post. :-) 
(and it might be filled with lots of mistakes, for I was in a hurry while writing it.) 

Was...Our Thanksgiving this year!  It was delightful. Here are a few pics from that delightful week with Steve and Luann, Matt and Bethany.
~Luann being a servant and taking an older man's wheel chair back into Sam's for him. :-) ~
 ~On Saturday Steve and Luann had their Sunday School children (a lot are from very poor homes) over for a fall gathering.~
 ~U. Steve took us on a hayride and asked Kimberly and Sarah to hide in the woods to jump out and SCARE the kids. ~

~Mary and Her friend Brittany on the hayride.~

~Our "Scary" Kimberly and Sarah that jumped out and scared us.~
~The kids playing Spot-it!~
 ~Sarah, Kimberly, and Bethany...they've been friends since Sarah and Bethany were 3 or so.~
  ~Yummy Sunday dinner at Steve and Luann's.~
 ~On Thanksgiving eve Luann took the kids to a fun Museum.  They were featuring here are our "Kimberly and Sarah Pirates"....
 ~And "Noah and Elijah Pirates"


~Phillip and Steve fried the turkey.  Delish!~

 ~I made 64 rolls.~
 ~Luann made a lot of yummies!!  There was soooo much DELICIOUS FOOD that we enjoyed!!~
 ~Matt took the kids on some 4 wheeler rides.~

 ~It was nice to have Bryan join us.~
 ~We all helped clean up afterwards.~
 ~Then these girls did some SERIOUS coupon clipping to get ready for some SERIOUS Black Friday shopping. :-) ~
 ~Aunt Luann played Spot it with Mary WHILE ABIGAIL DRANK HER COFFEE!! :-) ~
 ~Sarah saw this pretty much describes my Sweetheart Phillip.~
 ~And Sarah saw this sign about her Daddy too.~
 ~Then we played games together...and we laughed until we cried.  It was hilarious.~

 ~Bethany loves to snatch my phone and take selfies. ­čśü
~Our Black Friday Shoppers!!~

~Some tired shoppers.~
 ~Matt was a great "big brother" and played / wrestled with the kids.~
 ~My Thank you to Steve and Luann.~

~Blessing 20~
...Being with Daddy and Moma, Drew, and Daryl and Laura and their family over the weekend.
 On the way home from Steve and Luann's we got to stop by Daddy and Moma's (who were feeling better by then) and enjoyed Moma's beautiful table and yummy supper.~

 ~It was so fun to be with my nephew Drew and Daddy and Moma.~
 ~Drew brought the yummy choc. chip cookies to share with Gramp and Gram...from his other Grandma...Mrs. Janet Sankey.~
 ~Abigail had messed up her clothes so she was wearing Gramp's t-shirt.~
 ~A cousin picture with Drew.~
 ~Gramp and Gram praying for us before we left to drive home.  (I had to snap this picture because Abigail had her eyes closed too. ) ~
 ~After getting home after 1:00 A.M. on Friday night, we slept in on Saturday, then unpacked the suburban, then the kids and Phillip did some Christmas decorating.  Unfortunately I was not feeling well, so I just sat and watched.
Our kids and Phillip LOVE colored lights.  Our kids grew up in Latin America where everything is very COLORFUL. :-)
Years ago Phillip got these Retro colored lights on a Huge After Christmas they have been down in our basement for years.  Our girls have been DYING to put them up every year!
So, this year, I consented for them to put them up on the front porch and they SQUEAL with Joy each time they see them. :-) ~
~My sweet niece Darla and dear nephew Bryan came over and Bryan helped lug up the Christmas bins, and Darla helped Sarah and Noah put up our Christmas tree in the Living room. :-)  Thank y'all, for your help!!!~
 ~This is the pic Phillip took of Abigail and snuggling while we watched the kids put up the tree.  Notice Abigail's funny faces...she keeps us laughing!
And here's what Phillip had to say about our picture.
Two wonderful warm and cozy girls. ❤️❤️
My sweetheart Heather and our little sweet girl Abigail.
Abigail make us all laugh!
These are special snuggles! ­čśŹ
It's rare to get these two to even sit still. ­čśé #Blessed   #FamilyTime

 ~On Sunday Daryl and Laura and family invited Cameron Sankey (to be with his cousin Drew) and our family over for a DELICIOUS Sunday dinner.~
 ~Visiting in the living room before Sunday dinner.~

 ~A cousin pic with Drew.~

~Blessing 21~
 Our Suburban!!!
Jesus and our Dear friends Steve and Luann Boardman gave us our NICE white Suburban!!!  WHAT A HUGE BLESSING IT IS!!!  It makes me want to cry each time I think of it.
Since it was the BOARMANS that gave it to us....
Our Elijah calls it our "SUBOARDMAN!!" ­čśâ

Our Home school group from our Church.
~Our Boys dressed up like  President Elect Trump and Vice Pres. elect Pence for our Home school Thanksgiving dinner.
~Here's Elijah Trump.~
 ~Elijah as Trump and Noah as Pence. (Phillip used baby powder to make his hair white.)~
 ~Two men dressed up like Two Great men.~
 ~I made 96 rolls for the Thanksgiving dinner.~
 ~We made honey butter to spread on the rolls.~
 ~Abigail eating her dinner.~
 ~The girls' table.~
 ~Zack who is known for being a phone snatcher, snatched my phone and took this selfie...with 3 pretty little girls.~
 ~Zack surely was a great help when the kids went to do their crafts to pass out at the nursing home.~

 ~Abigail and her cute little Turkey outfit.~

 ~The young people made these door hangers to pass out at the Nursing Home.~

 ~Deanna and I....we've been friends since college.~

Is for my Health!  Jesus is helping my heart heal slowly but surely.  Once you have had a miscarriage...part of your heart is forever DEAD! :-(
I still have my moments where I just break down and the other night when I saw a sign in the Christmas decor aisle....
 ~Blessing 24~
Is for my phone...a gift from my sweetheart last Christmas.  For years when would come home to  the U.S.A. from the mission field, I wouldn't have a cellphone, or one that wasn't very reliable, and living in a big's much safer for a lady to have a cellphone. 

~Blessing 25~
Is our little Abigail...she brings sooo much laughter and JOY to our home...all the kids and Phillip and I love her sooo much!

~She's as wide as she is tall in this little outfit. :-)~

~Blessing 26~
My piano...that Jesus gave me.  Our keyboard died on a Monday, and on Tuesday morning I asked Jesus to help us get a Piano THAT DAY! HE DID!!!  HE'S AWESOME!
And I'm soooo THANKFUL that our girls get the privilege of taking piano lessons from the BEST...Mrs. Martha Miller.  (she was my piano teacher as well!)
~Blessing 27~
Is my old Church window you see above my piano.  
My dear friends Brent and Nicki had some of these windows that Brent had gotten out of a church that was 100 Years old!!!!  
Dear Brent probably got 7 extra stars in His Heavenly crown awaiting him...because he gave us one of those ADORABLE windows!!!  It's a TREASURE TO US!!

~Blessing 28~
Are my teenage girls.  They are so fun to hang out with, go shopping with, talk to, drink coffee with, pray with, hug, and just be with!! 

~Blessing 29~
Ministering / Singing together for Jesus as a family.  We are still full time Faith missionaries based here in the U.S.A.  Our years working together for Jesus while living in Colombia and Argentina are wonderful memories! Now, this is a new phase of taking mission trips (as God provides the funds) and helping out in our local church, as well as trying to reach out and touch others' lives here in the U.S.A.  We were SURPRISED to get asked to sing at our Comargo camp last August.  But Jesus helped us and it was so FUN singing together for HIM!!
~Blessing 30 is CHRISTMAS!!!  Pics of our Christmas decor coming soon.


Chelle said...

I love reading your post.

Chelle said...

I love reading your post.

lila said...

I didn't read all the words under each picture but I sure enjoyed all the pics!! What a long but much lovely post!! Love you all tons

Hannah Avery said...

So fun reading about all of your wonderful blessings, and your all of your fun Thanksgivings! I didn't know that you guys and Drew are related. He's a student here at Kentucky Mountain Bible College, where we live. Have a blessed Christmas season!


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