Thursday, November 17, 2016

~Blessings 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12 of 30 Blessings!~

is our Dear Pastor Eisenhart and his sweet wife, whom we all call affectionately call Grammy.  We are very BLESSED to have a godly pastor and wife who love Jesus with their whole heart and love all of us too.

 is our Dear Associate Pastor Paul and his sweet wife Susanna, and their precious family! We so appreciate their love for God and for all of us!

is my sweet Grandmother...whom we call GG.  She has spoiled me all my life.  I remember that she and Granddaddy took me to the Dentist when I was 4 or so...and on the way home they stopped by and bought me a little red tricycle. :-)  I rode the wheels off of that thing!
I am soooo GLAD that they decided to serve Jesus and gave me a Holiness Heritage!!   She's the hardest working lady I know, and she's sooo hilarious...She makes us laugh.  I love to hear her stories! 
I LOVE my GG too pieces!!! 

Getting to Bake!  I LOVE to bake.  
It's so fun to bake fun things to share with others!  I LOVE coffee shops and tea rooms, but I would never want to own one, for I could not sit down with my guests to enjoy my creations WITH them. 
~Red River Bread I made for our pastor's appreciation.~

 ~All ready to deliver to the Eisenharts, Pilmores, and Ryans.~
 ~Blackberry jam I made too.~

~Blessing 11~ 

~Blessing 12~
Our China, a gift from my Dad's cousin Bonita.
When Phillip and I became engaged we discussed what kind of dishes we wanted for our house.  We decided that it would be fun if God provided us every day dishes and China.  We thought it would be fun to have solid white dish, and dishes that had fruit on them.
A short while later my Moma called me and told me that Cousin Bonita was giving her whole set of China to Phillip and I.
When I asked her what the china looked like she replied,
"It is white, has fruit on it, and has a solid gold edge."
I couldn't believe my ears, for dishes with fruit on them were exactly what we had wanted. 
(And my family went together and bought us WHITE Pfaltzgraff for our every day dishes! :-)
God is sooo Good!!


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lila said...

What wonderful blessings!!!! I love how you make everything look so beautiful!! Love and prayers

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