Wednesday, November 16, 2016

~Blessings 5 and 6 of 30 Blessings~

I thought that everyone had parents as Godly, good, Dear, Caring, and Sweet as mine...until I went to College...and learned that others weren't so Blessed!
Absence makes the heart Grow fonder...and that is when I really began to realize what DEAR Parents God has given me!!! 
There's a Christmas song that I have heard since I was a teen that says, "This year Daddy will be 73"...Now...when I hear that it makes me nostalgic...for I can't believe that my parents are now 73 and 74!  Where has time gone?  Mommy having her stroke in 2013 really brought things into prospective. 
THANK YOU, JESUS, For giving me such sweet Godly parents.  And Thank you that I get to enjoy them!!  Looking forward to spending Thanksgiving together next week!!

 My Dear Siblings (and their mates and children)
First my Dear Brother Andrew and his sweet wife Vonnie and 6 sweet 7 with Matt.~
 ~Next my Dear Brother Lincoln, and his sweet wife Lyn, and 2 sweet children, now 3 with Natalie, and then Jesus sent Keith and Natalie....~
 ~Sweet little Carson too.~
 ~Next is my sweet sister Laura, her dear husband Daryl, and their 4 sweet children.~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~Then, when I married my sweetheart...I got my Dear 
parents-in-law Love.~ 

And...I got my dear brother-in-law Michael and his sweet wife Beth, and their sweet 5 children!~



lila said...

Yes you are blessed with a wonderful family!! We love them all!! We are so thankful Jesus let our paths cross and have become good friends with your dear parents and parents in-law! You and your family also!!

Moma said...

A wonderful post! I enjoyed seeing your pictures and remembered again how blest we are with so many of us now, all from Daddy and I (and the other Daddy and Moma's) who started all this so long ago!

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