Sunday, March 6, 2016

~Our trip to see our Dear Friends and Kara's Graduation!~

THANK YOU for all your prayers...I couldn't have survived these last few days without them!  I'm barely alive as it is, so without your prayers, I'd be in Heaven. :-)
God helped us as we packed up to take that quick weekend trip last weekend to be with our DEAR friends Steve and Luann and their family.  We enjoyed a weekend PACKED full of activity which included Kara's beautiful graduation, meeting several dear people, attending a revival held at their church, and Phillip had the privilege to preach on Sunday night.
On Monday, we got to see our DEAR Friends Leo, Caro, Jonathan, and Valen from Argentina.  They had been in China, had a 7 hour lay-over in Chicago, and then were flying back to Argentina.  Luann and girls went to Chicago with us to see Leo and Caro and we had a delightful 7 or so hours together.
We got home at 2:25 AM on Tuesday morning, and then we all helped Phillip and Kimberly pack to leave Early Wednesday morning for Colombia.
God REALLY HELPED as they packed and they were able to get in ALLLLLL these nice school uniforms you see in this pic, that that school in Michigan had donated for our Christian school in Colombia! 
Plus they packed in some Betty Luken flannelgraph, some clothes to give to our Colombian church people, and 2 new sewing machines that had been donated for Colombia. 
They arrived safely and God is helping them as they minister in Colombia with our Dear Associate Pastor Paul Pilmore and his children Zack and Anna. 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
So saying, here's some pics of our lovely time together with the Boardmans.
 ~A little sign I made for my Dear Luann with this saying that is original with me!~
(I'm going to be making some of these to sell, if you are interested in a Mother's day gift or Baby shower gift for someone you can let me know.)
~We had to pull a trailer to Illinois due to our picking up our friends Leo and Caro, Bubu and Valen on Monday.~
 ~Since some of these pics are from my phone, and others from my camera, Some of these pics are out of order, but I have no time to put them in order, so just please sit back, relax, fasten your seat belt, and enjoy them anyways.  :-) ~
~Kara's graduation was held at a beautiful old train station called the Abbey Station.
~Kara marching in.~

~Kara's Daddy, Steve did a beautiful job with his little talk to Kara.  It was very touching.~

 ~The Lord helped my Phillip as he spoke to Kara.~
 ~Matt and Kara playing music during the slide show of her pics.~
 ~Me watching the slide show and waiting to play a song with Matt.~

 ~Our Mary and Abigail in their polka dotted dresses.  ~

 ~Abigail looked like a walking polka dot...A CUTE one, I might add!  :-) ~

 ~The centerpiece~
 ~Kara and Kimberly~

 ~Bethany did a beautiful job singing.~

 ~Abigail escaped and ran up to Daddy while he was speaking. :-) ~
 ~Phillip taking her back to the girls.~

 ~Diploma time!~

 ~Awww!  How sweet!~

 ~2 handsome little boys I found there. ;-) ~
 ~Kara's cakes...they were beautiful and delish!!  Her grandma, Sito brought them from Michigan!~

 ~We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Kara's graduation!

~We took the game Spot It to the Boardmans.~
 ~The young people sang Sunday night.~
 ~Phillip speaking Sunday night.~

 ~After church we had a delightful evening with these dear people (and others not in the pic.) 
We ladies had a hard time getting the right pic.
They say that 3rd times charm ...ONE....
 ~THREE! :-) 
What a fun group of dear Christian ladies.  I really enjoyed getting to know some of them that night.  Others I've known for a long time, and appreciate them more each year.  (Luann! :-)

 ~And as is TRADITION in the Boardman house...BETHANY HACKED MY PHONE! :-) ~
 ~Noah taking a selfie so he could take a pic of this round rubix cube that he loved.~

 ~Squishy little Abigail in her Squishy little gray sweater!~

 ~I snapped this pic after midnight of Mary and her new friends.  They were all spiffed up, but hey, it was bed time now! :-) ~

Pics of our beautiful time with Leo and Caro coming up soon!


The Dickinsons said...

Heather, I loved this post. Seeing you all made me miss you all so much the more! I can't wait to come home from Colombia and see you soon. Much love, Phillip/Daddy

lila said...

What a lovely graduation!! It was nice you all could be there. Love the polka dot dresses and the boys are so handsome in their suits. Thanking the Lord you all was able to get things packed for the Colombia trip! Love and prayers

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures of all the graduation. "It was a lovely evening for your family, LouAnn" (not sure LouAnn is spelled right but it is JUST too hard to go back and check):0 Thanks so much for posting all of the pictures, everyone of them, I enjoyed and sort of felt like I got to attend. Love, Moma

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