Thursday, March 17, 2016

~They got home safely...and ELIJAH BROKE HIS ARM!~

Waiting for Daddy and Kimberly to arrive at the airport on Wednesday morning.~

~Then, we got home from the airport, from picking up Phillip and Kimberly at 1:00 A.M. Wednesday morning. 
We are soooo HAPPY to have them HOME with us! ~

Then by the time we visited with the kids and Phillip passed out gifts from the Colombians and from him and Kimberly it was 2:00 A.M. Wednesday morning.
Then of course Phillip and I chatted until 3:00 or 4:00 trying to catch up from our last 13 BUSY days apart. 
So, we slept in, then had brunch/lunch, had family altar, and Phillip was in the middle of cutting his hair, when........
Noah came and got me, and when I saw Elijah's arm, I thought it looked broken.  :-(
Elijah's a TOUGH BOY and doesn't cry much. 
But this time he cried for about 30 to 40 mins. straight, so we knew he was in PAIN!  It was so SAD and we were praying LOTS for him.
 So, Phillip quit cutting his hair, and quickly got dressed and he and I headed to Children's Hospital ER with little HURTING Elijah.
~In the ER waiting room.~
 ~When he fell, he hit the ground (grass / mud) then he bounced onto the concrete pad where we normally have our fire pit. He got road rash on his face and neck. :-(
~They couldn't believe what a brave boy he was.  He just sat there and watched them put his IV in, so they could give him Pain Meds!~
 ~Headed to get his x-ray.~
 ~He broke BOTH bones in his left arm.  :-(
But they said it was the BEST possible break, and that it should heal without surgery!  PRAISE THE LORD IT WASN'T WORSE!!~
 ~At Children's they treated him so nicely that he told us that he was GLAD he broke his arm.  (That was after he had PAIN MEDS!!! :-)
He got a  temporary cast until the swelling goes down, and a snoopy sling.~

 ~Sweet Aunt Laura came over with a fun goody bag!  :-) ~
 ~We got home from the ER at 5:00 P.M. Wednesday night, quickly got ready and ran to church.  Elijah was sort of feeling icky!
He told me that his arm was hurting. :-( So, I told him that after church we would get him some pain meds.  He then asked, "AND A TOY?"
I said, "What kind of toy would you like?"
And He said,
I laughed for 30 seconds straight, and told him that HE COULD NOT have boxing gloves right now!

Alright, now, that I've updated all of you, :-)  (First things first, you know:-)  I'm off to get ready to go the Women of Worth retreat in IN tomorrow. 


lila said...

I'm glad your family is all together once again, but so sorry poor wijah broke his arm. I'll say he is a trooper being able to smile so soon. Praying it heals well and quickly! Love you all

Moma said...

Poor little Elijah, Gramp and I are so sorry to get such terrible news, just after Daddy got home, but thank the Lord he was home to help the Mommie face it all. Love, Daddy and Moma

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