Tuesday, March 15, 2016

~My Projects I did while Phillip was gone!~

I had LOTS I wanted to get done while Phillip and Kimberly were gone...and Jesus helped me to pretty much get it all done.  
~Here's a pic of the morning they left headed for Colombia.~
 Here's some pics of what I've been up to.
~My Sweetheart is NOT one to like to paint a lot of furniture.  He says that "the painting fad"...will go away one of these days, and then some people will be SICK IF they painted over antiques.
However, we had a few non-antique pieces in our house that were either given to us, or we RESCUED from the trash...and I figured he wouldn't mind if I painted those.
This table sets in our living room.  It sets beside an oak book shelf, which I knew Phillip wouldn't want me to paint, but I thought if I painted this table that someone gave us, it would BRIGHTEN THE CORNER. :-)
 ~I painted it using Annie Slone's chalk paint, and I love it!  Very little fumes, and dries fast!~
 ~I used some Ralph Lauren wedding silver paint to DRY BRUSH some distress look on it.~
 ~My neighbor had this out by her sidewalk to throw away.  I rescued it for my front porch.

 ~AFTER!! ~

 ~I got this rocking chair at goodwill years ago and it was quite weather-beaten from being on our front porch.~

 ~International Women's day was March 8th or so.  So, I stopped and baked cookies in the middle of my MESS...for my Sweet sister and her girls. (Laura bakes and sends yummy goodies over to us all the time.  IT'S SO FUN BEING NEIGHBORS!!)~


Our front porch ... the one I painted is on your right!~

 ~A cute little sign I found for 50% off at Meijers.~
 ~And from somewhere we got 2 kids rocking chairs that we have had on our front porch.~


 ~I had planned on making pillows, but then I found a pack of TWO pillows for a great price at Aldis, so I got them, for I was running out of time to sew.~

 ~The "D" was 50% off at Hobby Lobby.~
~When Mary was a new born and we were staying at someone's house....out by our church, one of us happened to see this brown piece of furniture out by a neighbor's trash.
My Moma and Kimberly used a dolly to go and drag it over to where we were staying, 'cause I knew I would need it for my kitchen.~

 ~It had a broken door, which Phillip had fixed, but it broke again. :-(  I couldn't get rid of this piece of furniture, I NEED it for my kitchen right now. 
So, I got to thinking maybe I could paint it and take off the doors and make a curtain. ~
~I painted it white and distressed it.~
 ~And found this FUN burlap at Michael's and made 2 curtains.~
 ~I cut a piece of that burlap and wrapped my glass jar with it, and that's where we store our plastic grocery bags. ~
 ~The top of my cabinet.~
 ~The tray in the back was from Colombia (Phillip's first trip to Colombia he saw some fruit sells man using it to cut fruit on. 
Phillip BEGGED him to let him BUY IT and then he brought it back to me!  I love it!
The little bowls are from my Moma.
The little Milk sign came from Noah.~
 ~I'm loving the NEW LOOK of my cabinet.~
 My neighbor on this street was also throwing away a white shelf.  
It was in good condition, but had pink smiley faces drawn on it.
So, I painted it as well.~
 The little box on your right hides all my little spices.~
 ~I loved this fun box that I found at Tuesday morning, that just went with my burlap curtains.  It hides my big spices from Sams.~

 ~On the left is hanging a hay hook that our friends the Rimas gave us. 
I love that "D" that Elijah and Bryan found in our fire ashes in our back yard.~
 ~One day when I was painting, this is what ABIGAIL WAS DOING!  She was digging in the bag of cheese from Sams and dumping it everywhere, and eating it too.~
 ~Drinking out of Mommy's china tea cup.~
 ~My niece Darla had a violin concert with Cincinnati Community Orchestra one Saturday night, so we went.  Here's baby Abigail looking at the program!~
 ~There's Darla back middle/left.~

 ~Darla and I.  Jesus really helped and Darla did a beautiful job!  It was such beautiful music.~

 ~Darla and her sisters.  They all play the violin beautifully.~
 ~Abigail and her Uncle Daryl.~
 ~Since Darla's concert was late Saturday night, I decided to wear the same outfit to church Sunday morning.  And then just for fun, I added this hat.
Here's my friend Megan, who was visiting from out west.~
 ~ Kelly and I.  I wore this hat in Kelly's wedding.~
 ~The dear Beckers invited us over for a yummy Sunday dinner.~
 ~Sis. Kristal's YUMMY Banana split dessert.~
 ~Abigail WATCHING Elijah's EVERY BITE...waiting for him to share.~

 ~Last Friday night, I took our 4 youngest and their cousin Bryan to a couple stores and then to Chick-fil-a to help our lonely hearts.  (Sarah was at a church youth function.)~
 ~Abigail LOVED the playground...and SQUEALED the whole time.~
 ~On Sunday evening Before church, Abigail went and sat down beside Darla like she was going to play in the orchestra at our church.~
 ~And then because Kimberly and Phillip kept sending us pics of YUMMY Colombian food, we came home and made some Colombian Arepas for our Sunday night snack.~
 ~Our Two 1st graders studying...while baby Abigail JOINS Mary in her LITTLE desk.  :-) ~
My Sweetheart and my Kimberly are coming home TONIGHT!!! And we're soooo EXCITED!!!!


Moma said...

I liked all your painting, I hope your man does as well. ;) I enjoyed your post of dinner with the Beckers, your trip out to eat with Bryan and your three and all else that you got done while your man was away. I am praying for their safe return. Love to you all, Moma

Amy said...


Kimberly said...

Heather, you are something else!! Everything looks great!! Glad the travelers made it safely home.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
I love the fun painting pics! Painting is so fun! I love your style, too! Antique and elegant!!!! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, but you all are still in our prayers! Thankful some of you got to go to Columbia! I'm sure you missed them terribly! The Lord will reward you for standing by so others can go! Lots of Love, Hannah K.

lila said...

It is fun painting with the chalk paint. I have been painting all of our bedroom furniture with it. I love the after look on your newly painted items! I'm glad you got a lot done while your hubby was gone. Nice post. Love and prayers

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