Thursday, February 25, 2016

~Our Annual dinner going out to celebrate God calling us to be missionaries!~

A BIG Thank you and thumbs up goes to Zack Pilmore and his Dad Pastor Paul Pilmore and Caleb Arnold for RIDING FOR raise money for the poor children that attend our school in Colombia.

These days...our lives are so busy, it makes me want to go back to bed!!  :-)

On Tuesday Phillip made a RUSH trip up to Michigan and back, where a dear lady donated a ton of nice school uniforms to our school in Colombia!

We leave tomorrow to make a quick trip to be with our dear friends the Boardmans, and help Kara celebrate finishing high school.  Phillip is to speak at her commencement and I am to play the piano.
Then on Monday morning EARLY we will go over to Chicago where our dear friends from Argentina, Leo and Caro and their Jonathan and Valen have a 6 hour lay-over. 
We plan to spend as much time with them as we can, then we will come home Monday night.
Tuesday Phillip and Kimberly will PACK and get ready to leave for their missions trip to Colombia EARLY Wednesday morning!!!
~for strength,
~for help as Phillip tries to PACK all of those uniforms into the allowed suitcases,
~and for guidance as Phillip studies for and preaches and teaches to our dear people in Colombia. 
Our assoc. Pastor Paul Pilmore and his children Zack and Anna are going to Colombia as well. 
~Please pray for Bro. Paul as he preaches,
Anna as she will be doing a VBS in our school there, 
~And for Kimberly as she will be translating for Anna.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
For several years now Phillip has taken our family out to eat around Valentine' an Ethnic set aside time to celebrate God calling our family to be missionaries.  He always challenges each of us to serve God and be shining lights where ever we go.
This year Phillip took us to Aladdin's eatery...unique natural foods from the middle east.

~Silly Abigail...these next 3 photos are like "the 3 stooges."~

~Abigail cracked us up in this outfit.  She was so SQUISHY in that sweater!!~
~An us-ie~
~Their food was delicious!!!  The hummus was sooo yummy! ~

~A tiny photo shoot after dinner...while waiting for the rest of the family to get done eating.~

~We ordered 3 pieces of dessert and split them.  They were yummy!~

~Kimberly enjoying her little clear tea pot from Gram.
~Abigail "reading" one of the kids Paces. :-) ~

~We really enjoyed getting to hear Brittany play in her orchestra the other night.~
 ~It was such beautiful music!!!~

 ~My handsome date for the night...for all of life! :-) ~

~Then we stopped at McDonalds and grabbed a few things off the dollar menu.  
Mary and Elijah "pulled on the heartstrings" of the young girl behind the counter,
and she ADDED WHIPPED CREAM to their ice cream! :-) ~
~Brittany and Elijah!~
 ~Sweet little Abigail!~

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lila said...

What fun cute pics of the kids. The last one on this post of Mary is so cute!! The food looked yummy! It does sound like you are very busy. Maybe you can relax a little with your hubby gone! I hope you can find time for a visit from us sometime. Love and prayers

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