Wednesday, March 30, 2016

~Our Resurrection activities!~

Life hands us stages!!!
I'm exhausted these days.  I think that the last 12 years of running for and serving Jesus has caught up with me.

My friend Amy told me to choose 3 goals or so that I want to get done each day, and when I got one done, do something to celebrate! :-)  I think she and I must be twins separated at birth.  I'm all about CELEBRATING EVERYTHING! :-)

Another dear friend told me that I'm in the "Elijah stage" right now, (where the angel took care of him)...and I just need to REST!
If you'll recall, Elijah had to RUN for his life, and when he went a day's journey into the wilderness, he came and sat down by a juniper tree.

1Ki_19:5  And as he lay and slept under a juniper tree, behold, then an angel touched him, and said unto him, Arise and eat.
1Ki_19:7  And the angel of the LORD came again the second time, and touched him, and said, Arise and eat; because the journey is too great for thee.

Note: God understands when we are tired.  He didn't SCOLD Elijah, he sent an angel to minister to him. :-)

So, I'm trying to do just that.  Taking one day at a time, doing what I can each day, and not feeling guilty to rest.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
LOTS has happened, and I have soooo much to post, so here goes!
~Our Pastor and Wife Alberto and Alba from Medellin, Colombia are great seamstresses.  Through the years they have sent our family beautiful clothing.  This skirt that I'm wearing is one they sent me.~
 ~Our Church homeschooling group took the time to go to the nursing home last week and have a little Resurrection service. 
Wanting to show their gratefulness to our group, The nursing home served us snacks and hid eggs with candy in them for the kids!~
 ~Abigail finding an egg.~

 ~Bryan and Darla playing for the residents.~
 ~Aunt Nesi had the young people do the Resurrection story with 12 symbols and they read Bible verses.~
 ~Sarah, Noah, and I singing, "He still rolls the stone away."~
 ~Judah whistling, "Nothing but the blood."~
~The next day found us going up to Dayton to meet our new niece. 
Precious Baby Ava Elizabeth joined Michael and Beth's sweet family!~

 ~Elijah took this pic of us.~

 ~The two brothers with their baby girls!~
 ~Grandpa and Grandma had sent us some money, so we stopped by Cracker Barrel for supper on our way home from seeing baby.~

 ~And then we stopped at Kroger for some last minute groceries.  Noah TRIED to sit in the little truck cart with Abigail...but it didn't last long.~
 ~On Saturday morning when I went to check our mail, there was the NICEST Easter Card and gift cards from my dear friend from LA, Shawna Fuller! 
She wrote the SWEETEST words inside the card!!! Thank you, Dear Shawna!!!~
 ~Saturday evening, my Sweetheart and I ran for a quick date to enjoy the rest of my Friend Amy's Starbucks gift card. 
It was delightful being with my man.  Thank you again, Dear Amy!!!~
 ~Coffee-ing together!~
 ~While we were on our date, our kids made theses bunny race cars.~

 ~I put Shawna's pretty Easter card in a frame.~

 ~Baby Abigail "playing the sax" for us. :-) ~

 ~Abigail's FEELINGS NORMALLY when Zack picked her up, SOMEHOW we could tell that she wasn't happy! :-) ~
 ~The boys' "photo shoot" before church Sunday A.M.~

 ~The little girls' "photo shoot!" 

 ~Then Abigail got silly.~

 ~Elijah and his friend that is a twin.~
 ~Mary and hers (the other twin).~
 ~Sarah and her cousin Darla.~

 ~Our family~
~Sarah and her friend RaeQuelle~
(They found their matching dresses at Dillards outlet for $3.99 EACH!! :-) ~

 ~all worn out on the way  home from church.~

 ~We got to have Daddy and Moma, and Daryl and Laura and their family over for Resurrection dinner.

 ~Since our table is quite long, I was having a hard time finding a tablecloth to fit it, without spending an arm and a leg.
Then, I thought of buying A PAINTER'S DROP CLOTH FROM LOWES for my table cloth!!!
Viola! It worked!! :-) ~
 ~Found these nice plates at Hobby Lobby... that tell what Resurrection Lord's day is all about...
 ~I was happy to find these cute little bunny chalkboards at the Target bargain aisle.~

 ~The centerpiece.~

  ~The eggs are from Dollar tree that I "distressed a little" with the color "wedding silver" paint.~

 ~The kids enjoyed coloring eggs.~
 ~Abigail's goody basket.~
 ~The kids' baskets.~

 ~Careful Kimberly didn't want a bunch of candy, so she got dark chocolate, a fruit roll-up, and 2 face mask (para lavarse la cada.)~
 ~Phillip and my treats.~
 ~Found this neat book talking about Easter being about God's Son at Meijer.~
 ~Some nice little Springy treats I found on sale for Laura, Moma, and I.~
 ~Silly, JUST-AWAKE Abigail with her goody basket.~
 ~I made "Back of Bunny" dinner rolls.~

 ~A Yummy ham was our meat for our dinner.
Laura was a huge help in bringing stuffed eggs, a yummy jello salad, lots of sweet tea and mint tea, and her homemade jam for the rolls.~
 ~I wanted a light dessert for our Resurrection Lord's day dinner, so I made this Yummy banana split dessert.~

 ~It was so FUN being together...celebrating Jesus!!~
 ~Gram brought treats for all of us too.~

~Sunday night service Bro. Pilmore, Anna and Zack, and my Phillip and Kimberly gave their report of how God helped in their ministry trip to our DEAR Colombian people!
 ~The nervous young people before they spoke.  God really helped each of them as they spoke.~
 ~Bro. Pilmore
(I forgot to get a pic of my Phillip speaking.  I get all flustered when I get around my Sweetheart Phillip. :-) ~
 ~Three dear Godly young people with LOTS of potential!~
~Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast with Gramp and Gram.  We really enjoyed being together over the weekend.  
Monday morning after breakfast, Gramp and Gram headed to TN to be with GG and see Dear Aunt Carole that fell helping GG, and broke her arm! :-(~



Sherry L Dickinson said...

These pictures are so precious to my heart that I can hardly stand it! The children in their Easter clothes-I love Noah and Elijah’s matching vests! How cute that Sarah and RaeQuelle found the same dresses at Dillard’s for only $3.99! Abigail’s face where Zack is holding her, is so funny! I love the way Sarah fixed her hair for Easter! I’m so happy that dear sweet Kimberly finally, got a new outfit! Smile. I loved the way your table was set for Easter Sunday Lunch! I sat here and stared and stared at the family picture of you all around the Sunday Dinner table. You all are beautiful together, and I am so thankful that Phillip got your family for his in-laws. You do things up so gorgeously, and you have those beautiful family meals quite often, and you two sisters have been taught how to be super hostesses, and I know that Phillip loves the order and the mannerly dining that you all have when you get together. It’s such a thing of beauty to see.
Oh, and you got pictures of that black-haired, brand-new, adorable grandbaby with pictures of the older grandbabies that I LOVE, so that I could hardly stand it when I was looking at you all. I mean you got some really pretty pictures of all of you while you were visiting Beth & baby. I’m sorry that the nurse wouldn’t let all of you in at the same time.
I am SO HAPPY that your family went to Cracker Barrel. It is such fun going there!
I could rave on and on but I have gushed long enough!
With much love,
Your mama-in-law,
Mom D

lila said...

Such a fun lovely post. Enjoyed looking at all the pics. The kids are dressed so cute. I love your table setting. It is so wonderful you all got to have Easter dinner together. Take care if your self dear Heather. Love and prayers

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