Thursday, March 10, 2016

~Our few hours in Chicago with Leo and Caro and family, and Luann and girls.~

God is helping them!  They have preached in Medellin, and then in Cartagena, and now are in Bogota teaching and preaching.  Anna is holding a 3 day VBS at the Christian school in Paraiso for the poor children that Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly run, and Kimberly is translating for her.
Phillip is teaching classes and possibly preaching this week, and Bro. Paul is preaching and Phillip will translate for him.

This is a long post, filled with lots of WONDERFUL pics, filled with lots of WONDERFUL memories.
~Knowing we were going to get to see Leo and Caro, Jonathan and Valen in Chicago (when they had a 7 hour lay-over) we got the 3 young people who studied English with us in Argentina (Jonathan, Valen, and little William) an English Bible with their names on it.

~Their gift bags ready to give them.  We also gave them a Spot-it game.~
~U. Leo and Abigail~

~Caro and I.~

~In Chicago~

~Lake Michigan~

~Luann had the great idea of going to the Science and Industry museum.~

~Sarah sees her Valen, Valen see her Sarah~

~This museum was SO NEAT! 

~Watching little chicks hatch.~

~Abigail was so HAPPY to be in U. Leo's arms again.  She fell sound ASLEEP and slept on his shoulder for 2 or 3 hours.  (His poor arms. :-)~

~This was a neat machine that two people hooked up to, and then they were in "competition to see WHO was more relaxed."  Jonathan won every time. ~
~Sarah and Valen.  Valen won.~

~A human "hamster wheel."~

~Crazy mirrors.~

We got to have a tour of a U-boat.  SO NEAT!~

Photo booth pics.~
~A group pic in front of the U-boat~

~Then we all walked out by our truck and trailer, and gave each other gifts and took pics!~

~Kara, "hanging around" with these other young ladies.~

~A group-ie~
A "LADY" ( or 9 :-)
~Leo and Caro gave yummy Chinese tea to Luann and Kara and Bethany.~
On the way back to the airport, all the kids fell asleep.~
Leo and Caro, Jonathan and Valen gave our family sweet gifts.

~And Jonathan saw this "family of 8" and said, "Look it's the Dickinsons."~

~Knowing that Chicago is known for their Deep dish pizza... Before we left Chicago we drove around until we found a restaurant that made this YUMMY pizza.  We ate one there, and then took one home for the next day.  Phillip and the kids think it might just be the BEST pizza they have ever eaten.  Under this sauce is about an inch or so of CHEESE.  YUM!~
~This photo FROM HOLLYWOOD was hanging on the wall in the pizza place.
SADLY, I think Hollywood has gone WAY DOWN HILL since then! ~

~Leo and Caro and family got some yummy Chinese tea for Bro. and Sis. Becker.~

 ~And Leo and Caro and family got Aunt Nesi some yummy Chinese tea too.~
We were so HAPPY that it worked out for us to spend some hours with our dear friends Leo and Caro, Bubu, and Valen!!!!~



Anonymous said...

Love that fun pic of Sarah in the snow! beautiful! Love, A. Laura

Moma said...

It was so nice seeing your picture in Chicago with your Argentina Friends. POOR UNCLE LEO'S ARMS, HOLDING OUR BABY SO LONG! It was so nice seeing everyone, you must have had a wonderful time, wish we could have been with you. Love, Moma

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Dear Heather,
This is such a nice post of all of you in Chicago. I liked the picture of Noah leaping off the high wall-that young man loves doing dangerous feats! The China Tea Set that Aunt Caro’s family gave to Sarah is so cute! That was true love for Uncle Leo to carry Abigail for such a long time. He was concerned for that baby’s comfort, bless his dear kind heart! It was fun to see Bubu and Valen having fun with your children again. I think that was really nice for Luann and her girls to go to Chicago with you all. I like it that your family has had such nice visits with Steve & Luann’s family recently. Bless you for going to see Uncle Leo’s family at the airport! Lots of love, Mom D

lila said...

So neat you got to see friends all the way from Argentina! Looks like you all had a fun visit. Love and prayers

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