Friday, October 2, 2015

~Mary has a Birthday party, part 1!~

But first...Here is a picture of Jeremiah getting to be with his Daddy for the first time in 5 weeks!!!
TODAY...Fernando (who was in the motorcycle wreck about 5 weeks ago) is being RELEASED from the hospital!!!
They will finally get to be together as a FAMILY at HOME Now!  :-)
Please continue to pray for Fernando, 
he has a long ways to go before he will be completely healed!!  THANK YOU!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
~We had Mary's birthday party a day after her birthday.
Here's what we did on her birthday.
Mary's gifts from our family.~
 ~Mary and her sidekick, Elijah.~
 ~Mary...a little Princess for Jesus!  (she's wearing some of her gifts from us.)
In this pic, Elijah is the "KING", and Mary is the "QUEEN."
 ~Dear Sarah took Mary breakfast in bed!~
 ~Complete with fresh flowers and ...~
 ~and a fun note from Sarah too.~
 ~Mary enjoyed her breakfast in bed!~

 ~A cute little drawing pad and pen for Mary from her Piano teacher.~
 ~This scooter was Mary's main gift from Daddy and Moma.~
 ~This adorable hand made apron was another gift from us.
 ~So sweet.  It reminds me of the little aprons my sweet Grandma Bryan, who is in Heaven now, made for me when I was a little girl!~
 ~And since we were going to have Mary's party the next day, I didn't want to make 2 cakes!
So, Phillip bought a box of cheap ice cream bars, and I used those and made an "ice cream cake."  ;-)
 ~Mary's Minnie Mouse Party~
~At Mary's Kindergarten graduation, she received a cute Minnie Mouse from a friend at church.  Mary loves her Minnie Mouse.
So, I decided that I would use Minnie for the theme for her birthday, for I have a lot of pink and black, so wouldn't have to buy much. :-)
Here are her invitations I made.
The poem I wrote in Spanish says, 
Voy a Cumplir 5-
Que Emocion!
?Puedes ir a 
mi celebracion?  
Obviously, it rhymes in Spanish, but here's sort of what it says in English.  :-)
I'm turning 5,
How Exciting.
Can you come
To my celebration?

 ~Sarah and Noah helped me make cute little "MINNIE MICE" out of Oreos and mini Oreos.
To put the sucker stick in, you just twist the cookie off carefully,
lay the cookie flat so as not to break it...and gently press in the sucker stick.~
 ~Then put a little melted choc. on top before putting the top cookie back on.~
 ~Put melted choc. on the mini Oreos and while the sucker is laying down, press them gently against the big Oreo, and then add a tad of melted choc. in between the mini Oreo and the Oreo.
LET DRY for a few minutes.~
 ~And if you want to you can pipe on a pink and white bow, or I just bought these little pre-made sugary flowers to add a touch of pink and white for Minnie.~
 ~Us working on Mary's little cake.~
 ~The inside of Mary's cake.~
 ~And I made a Minnie Mouse Cheeseball.~
 ~My little "Minnie Mouse Cheeseball" sign ~

 ~And here she is with her bow.~
 ~While I was BUSY getting ready for the party, Abigail found this little chair and climbed up in it, and was SO HAPPY just sitting there for a LONG TIME.  It was a GREAT blessing, her entertaining herself. :-) ~
 ~And Mary's cake all done!~
 ~Fun colorful straws, and coffee candy on the sweet buffet.~
 ~The Oreo Cookie Minnie Mice we made.~

 ~Heather's Reeses.~

 ~Cupcakes with caramel inside and some marshmallows on top.~

 ~Our simple but fun centerpiece.~

~The adults table.~
 ~The sweet buffet.~
 ~Fun pinks, whites, and blacks.~
 Stay tuned for part 2 of Mary's birthday party!


Sherry L Dickinson said...

It is so nice that Jeremias finally gets to be with his mother and father! These are fun birthday preparation pictures and Minnie Mouse is an ideal theme for a five year old child. Smile. This pink & polka-dotted cake is another one of your 'masterpieces' that you've made for a birthday. The crayon cake was so elegant and so was Kimberly's cake that she frosted for Abigail's birthday. Your MM cheese ball was a clever invention along with the Minnie Mice on a stick. Are those really cupcakes with NO chocolate on them? I'll have one of those - thank you! (Ha Ha!)
Mary's hair is getting to be quite long, as shown in her "queen" picture. Sarah's b-day card to Mary is very cute, along with the pretty tray she fixed up for Mary's breakfast in bed. I guess Abigail decided she was quite pleased with herself for climbing up to sit on that chair, so she had to stay put and enjoy sitting up there for awhile. That was a wonderful discovery at a very appropriate time for you.
I could hardly wait to see this post because I wondered how you would pull this party together. Well, you did a wonderful job, as usual! Love, Mom D
PS - Mary's dear friend, Elijah, is always by her side, rejoicing in her good fortune. Bless his dear blond-headed heart! I love him very much!

Daryl Hausman said...

love,love,love!!!! So fun and pink and girly! So much fun! Hope you enjoy having "Grandpa and Grandma Becker" there this soon!!!!
love, A. Laura and Family

lila said...

Oh so cute!! Love the cute Minnie mouse on a stick!! Everything is soooo lovely and adorable!!!

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