Saturday, October 24, 2015

~My burlap pillows...and everyday life~

 Again, here is the LINK to order fun Totes from my friend Ashlea.
(For some reason when I first put this link, it works great, then it quits working. :-( 
My friend's name is Ashlea Arnold Kline (Thirty-One Gifts), if this link quits working again, and you want to contact her directly through FB to order.)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I was soooo happy to find some burlap here a few months ago, and I got 1 meter of it. :-)
I've gotten A LOT of use out of that meter.
I made my burlap banner hanging in our dining room,
and then ....
I made these 2 burlap pillows for our bed (and still have some left over.)
~I L.O.V.E. burlap, and I love burlap and white.~
 ~On One burlap pillow I "up-cycled" old white lace FROM SOME LEGGINGS that wore out :-) and glued on some fun buttons.~

 ~On the other pillow I asked my sweetheart to help me spray paint the image of my wooden "bicycle built for two" onto my burlap.~
 ~I love how they turned out....they add a touch of FUN to our room.~

 ~Look who is standing on her own, and taking a few steps.~

 ~Elijah, Mary and Mommy studying together...after lunch. (Leftovers from lunch still on table. :-)~
 ~Learning to write and read their letters.~
 ~For some exercise the kids and I went on a walk to gather some Natural Fall decor.~

 ~Left-over pork chops and Kimberly's pancakes for a Saturday brunch.~
 ~Look who enjoyed an Oreo.~
 ~After Phillip taught the English class in our house on Wednesday, we took our supper and all the kids to a park to get some exercise.~
 ~Elijah, Valen, Sarah, Mary, Jonathan, and Noah.~
 ~I made 8 of my French bread pizzas.~
 ~Noah and Jonathan enjoyed playing soccer in the middle of the park.~

 ~Phillip watching Elijah and Mary go around in the tiny Merry-go-round beside him, and Valen climbing the Monkey bars.~
 ~Valen and Sarah.~
 ~An Abigail...crawling away from her Mommy. :-) ~

 ~Caro, Abigail, Me (Heather), and Kimberly.~
 ~The kids really enjoyed the park and this exercise part too.~

 ~Strawberries are pretty cheap right now.  So one day this week I made some "Strawberries and Cream" for my family.
I enjoyed serving them on my new tray from my Sarah.~


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Moma said...

Nice post! Enjoyed seeing little Abigail trying her skill at walking. I enjoyed seeing your burlap pillows, you have a kind Hubby to help you with his skills. I wish I had the energy to go and do all that you do, but I guess one day I did, that is why you can do all that today.:) Love you all, Moma

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