Monday, October 5, 2015

~Mary has a birthday...part 2!~

We can't wait to have them here with us and show them a little of Argentina!
Lord willing, the Young people and couples of the Chinese church are coming over to our house this Sunday, and Bro. Becker will give them a Challenge to serve Jesus with their whole hearts... and Phillip will translate.
Please pray for traveling mercies for the Beckers, and for the gathering on Sunday!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~Abigail loves her Aunt Caro!~
 ~Some of the drinks we served at Mary's 5th birthday party.~
 ~Abigail, Aunt Caro, and Valen.~
 ~While shopping Sarah found these little Minnie Mouse ears at the party store and knew that Mary and her little friends would love them.
Here's Abigail wearing some. :-) ~
 ~I'm not into pinatas, for to me it's not very fair.
The older kids push their way into the crowd and go away with overflowing bags of candy, while the little ones get hurt and have only 3 pieces. :-)
So, I did little Minnie Mouse goodie bags, so that everyone got the same amount of candy.~
 ~The Sweets Buffet~

 ~Mary's cake.~
 ~The kids out in the back yard playing.~

 ~Mary and Jayden.  Mary was only 13 months when we moved here to Argentina for the first time.  Jayden was around that age too.~
 ~Jayden's Mom taking a pic of Jayden and Mary...This is a pic of her taking a pic. :-) ~
 ~Mary, Valen, and Sarah.~
 ~The boys' table.~
 ~I kept it simple and served sloppy Joes, Tortilla chips and my homemade salsa (I canned 19 jars the Saturday before her party), potato chips, and my Minnie Mouse cheese ball. (and then I had a sweet buffet.)

 ~There were 22 of us at Mary's party.~
 ~Phillip praying for the food!~
 ~Mary's table!~
 ~Little Mary praying.~
 ~L to R: Lisa, Sophia, Halie, and Mary~
 ~Mary and her friends.  Jeremiah was staying with us that week, so he got to be at Mary's party!~
 ~Cake Time!~

 ~Gift Time!~

 ~After everyone left Jeremiah had just called and talked to his Mommy and was missing his parents, so Kimberly was reading him / them a bedtime story to cheer him up. :-) ~
 ~Mary got some nice gifts as her party.
One of her gifts were these black and white polka dotted pajamas!
They go great with her red and white polka dotted Minnie Mouse nightgown.~
 ~Sweet Mary~
 ~She also got 2 FUN backpacks.
One she has on her shoulders,
and the other one is beside her.~
 ~And look at this FUN set of playdoh!
There's a 3 tiered stand that comes with it,
And all the things to make fun cup cakes!!
Mary sees Mommy do things like this all the time!
So, this is A Baker's daughter's DREAM. :-)~
 ~She also got this fun jumper!~
 ~Our kids enjoyed having Jeremiah stay with us for several days.
His staying here helped Elijah and Mary with their Spanish.~

Jesus gave Mary a very nice Birthday!
Thank you for taking time to see her pics and for your nice comments on here and on FB.


Moma said...

Such a nice display and party for a very nice little girl! I enjoyed seeing all the fun foods and all the people that came. Jeremiah looked so nice holding Mary and I am so glad that he is able to be home with his Daddy and Mommie. Love to all,Moma

lila said...

Fun, fun, fun, cute, cute, cute, party!!! I can't believe she is 5! Still as cute as ever! I'm glad so many came to celebrate the wonderful occasion! I'm sure it's one she won't forget!! Love you all tons

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