Wednesday, October 14, 2015

~We LOVED having the Beckers here, part 2~

Thank you for praying for safe travels for the Beckers. We just got the message that they arrived safely back in the U.S.A. :-)
Here's another billion few pics for you to enjoy of the Becker's stay with us! :-)
~The Beckers with the clock tower donated to Argentina by England.~
 ~Such a nice pic of them.~
 ~The Beckers took us out for supper on Friday night.  This was Abigail's mashed potatoes and squash. :-) ~
 ~My yummy supper.~
 ~It was a delightful supper and time with the Beckers.~
 ~A funny street Mime with a wire in his tie and coat, like he's RUNNING!~
~Grandpa Awes. carrying Mary.~
 ~The Clock tower at night.~
 ~The Beckers and the Woman's Bridge.~
 ~The Beckers and Phillip and I.~
 ~The Beckers and our kids.~
 ~The "Pink House" (where the President works) all lit up at night.~
 ~And since the Beckers had bought our supper, Phillip bought us an ice cream or a coffee at McD's.~
 ~Kimberly took an "usie" :-) ~
  ~On Saturday morning I made Chorizo.~
 ~Saturday morning I worked on getting ready to have the Chinese young people over the next afternoon.
 Saturday afternoon we took the Beckers shopping, and then we were going to eat in a Peruvian restaurant, but they were only open for delivery that night, so we went to an Indian restaurant across the street.
It was DELICIOUS FOOD!  We were happy to find this restaurant.  The meals were CHEAP compared to normal Argentine restaurant prices.
The green bottles are WATER!  (Las botellas verdes son AQUA! :-) ~
 ~My supper.~
 ~Phillip's chili chicken.~
 ~Kimberly and Paola cooking at church on Sunday.~
 ~Paola had a birthday and Sarah got her some Macarons.~
  ~The Beckers sitting in front of us in the Chinese church.~
 ~It was Sunday school teacher appreciation day.~
 ~Our dear translator Kelly, Sis. Becker, and I.
Kelly is a GOD-SEND!  She is a GREAT translator from Chinese to English....and is such a blessing to our family! ~
 ~A lady at church turned "100."  (The Chinese count the "year" that one is in their Mother's womb.)~
 ~They surprised her by having 2 cakes and singing to her.~

 ~Ricardo and Elisa with the Beckers.~
 ~U. Charlie, baby Abigail, and the "birthday girl." :-) ~
 ~U. Charlie sharing his cake with Abigail.~
 ~The "Birthday girl" seeing the pics or video while Mary tiptoes to look on.~
 ~Mary and her new umbrella from her big sis Kimberly.~

 ~After the service at the Chinese church, we hurried home to get ready for the Chinese young people to come to our house soon for a short Spiritual challenge and supper.~
 ~I was happy to find these cute "fallish" owl napkins for the young people's gathering.~
 ~Visiting in the backyard.~
 ~And inside.~

 ~I failed to get a picture of the food buffet before we started, so thankfully Mary took this one afterwards. :-) ~
 ~Bro. Becker had the idea of Sis. Becker making her YUMMY Indian Tacos!
It was a HUGE BLESSING TO ME to have her cook the main part of the meal, so I could concentrate on the decorations, desserts, drinks, etc.~
 ~I served apples and caramel / P. Butter dip.~
 ~And my Chocolate chip cookies.~

 ~This is the Bride of the wedding that Elijah and Mary were in last year.  She's expecting a little boy in December. :-) ~
 ~Sis. Becker made the Indian Tacos and Aunt Caro fried them, while I ran around doing other things.
Caro and Sis. Becker were a GREAT INDIAN TACO TEAM!! :-) ~
 ~Playing a couple fun games to break the ice.~
 ~Even the "Bro." came and helped chop lettuce, and tomato!
The Beckers were such a HUGE HELP to me!~
 ~THANK YOU, Bro. and Sis. Becker for allll your hard work.
EVERYONE LOVED!!!! your Indian tacos.~
 ~My apple candle centerpiece.~
~Bro. Becker challenged the young people to serve God. ~

 ~Our translator Kelly translated what Bro. Becker said into Chinese.~
 ~Then our dear Peruvian friends (Percy, Sara, and Maria) arrived, so Phillip went over and translated what Bro. Becker said into Spanish for them.~
 ~There were around 30 of us.  Jesus' presence was close!
Phillip spoke to them afterwards, and then Uncle Leo prayed and spoke to them too.~
 ~Bro. Becker and Phillip praying for the Lord to guide Oso and his wife.~

 ~Maria and I.~
 ~Chow time!~

 ~Kimberly translating for Sis. Becker as she spoke to Sara.~
They LOVED all the food...Thank the Lord! :-) ~

 ~Before they left I asked if Aunt Caro and the young people could sing a song for the Beckers.~
 ~Kimberly used my white "bucket" as a "speaker" to help the music on the cellphone be louder. :-)
The song was sooooo precious!  Bro. and Sis. Becker and I were weeping, and others were as well.~
 ~Group shot!!!~
 ~A cute "cupcake" that Valen made out of the playdough that she had given to Mary for her birthday.~
 ~After our Dear Chinese friends left, we had a very nice visit with the Dear Peruvians as well.~
 ~Group shot. :-) ~
 ~The Beckers!
 ~Sarah, Percy, and Maria.~
 ~Monday morning and Sis. Becker with a pink flower in her hair, a gift from Elijah.~
 ~The Beckers were such DEARS and took back 3 large suitcases and a carry-on of our things / treasures we wanted to get back to the USA!!!
We THOUGHT about sending baby Abigail, BUT WE KNEW WE'D MISS HER TOOOOOO BADLY!  ;-) ~

 ~On Monday, Phillip translated for Bro. Becker as he made 4 videos (some greetings, and a sermon,) to encourage our pastors and people in Colombia.~
 ~Then on Monday evening Uncle Charlie and Aunt Yoli, and Uncle Leo and Aunt Caro took the Beckers and our family out for supper!
The kids.~
 ~Phillip and Kimberly at the salad bar.~
 ~Such a delicious meal...and such wonderful Christian fellowship!!!~
 ~Baby Abigail peaking out to your right.~
 ~We got to meet another dear man.~
 ~God's presence was so close as we visited. I wept!~
 ~On Tuesday morning (their last day) Bro. Becker having his devotions and drinking Mate. (the Argentine Herbal tea.)
He has made fun of Phillip drinking Mate for years; He always Teased him that he was drinking GRASS. :-) ~
  ~I made a chocolate sheet cake on Monday, but we didn't get a chance to eat it.
So, on their last morning here, I threw it on the table with our breakfast.
Sis. Becker sang a song something like this.....
"Heather is Great, she serves us CHOCOLATE CAKE!" :-) ~
 ~Then we RAN to some stores to get some LAST MINUTE goodies to send to family and friends in the U.S.A., and then quickly treated Bro. and Sis. Becker to some TYPICAL Argentine ice cream.~

 We came tearing home...and wrapped the little gifts, gave them to the Beckers, Uncle Leo and Aunt Caro showed up to take the Beckers and Phillip to the airport, then they were OFF TO THE U.S.A.
God gave us such a SWEET Time with them!!!


Anonymous said...

such as sweet post! I laughed right out loud at Abigail's face in the 1st suitcase pic.... she looks scared to death... then the 2nd one she must have heard you say, "Just kidding" for she's smiling there! =) Bryan was looking at your blog with me and thinks Abigail is SOOOo sweet and is growing up TOO fast! We all can't wait to see you!!!! Mary looks like such a lil grown up School girl in her floral dress and cardigan!
love, love, love,

Moma said...

And I love you too! The pictures were so thrilling of everyone and all that you all did. I am sure that the Beckers fell sound asleep when they got on that airplane. I felt out of breath just reading about all you all did = and then getting head lice in the mix. Help us! I agree with Laura that Mary looks like a grown up little girl, especially tippy toeing to see what the elderly lady was reading. Such a good view of your time with the Beckers. So glad for all the young people that came over to your house and the good time you had with them. I love you all, Moma

lila said...

So nice to see the pics of some of the nice things you got to do while the Beckers was there. What a nice group of young people you all are getting to witness to. I know your time there is getting short and my heart hurts for those dear people. Love you all

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I can imagine the Beckers feel that your life in Argentina is more than they can handle but it looks like they did their best to handle it anyway. Lol! I wondered how you guys were able to feed Indian Fried Bread and all the trimmings to more than 30 people! I can imagine that even Abigail slept that night when you all went to bed after that busy and big supper! Ha! (Or, at least I HOPE she did!) You all looked so beautiful to my heart in these pictures and this made me love the Beckers more than ever! Love, Mom D

Sherry L Dickinson said...
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