Wednesday, October 28, 2015

~A nice dinner at Ricardo and Elisa's house.~

#1 If you saw my message on FB to pray for the Presidential voting last Sunday, here's an update.
From what we understand, it was so close between 2 men, that they are going to vote again in November.

#2 Could you please pray for 2 young men?  Thomas and his friend.
Recently Phillip ran to the grocery store to pick up some crackers for me.   After his purchase, Phillip was talking to Thomas, the young man who sells vegetables, about his soul.
Thomas wasn't really acting interested, but all of the sudden his friend drove up on his motorcycle.   When he saw Phillip talking, he came over to listen to Phillip!
He later told Phillip that he's lived and done everything, and that NO ONE in the world had anything to tell him!  But, when he saw Phillip talking to Thomas, he knew that PHILLIP had something worthwhile to say!
He opened up and told Phillip that he has tried everything in life, but that he wasn't happy, and that his problem was drugs. :-(
After listening to him talk for awhile, Phillip told him that JESUS WAS THE ANSWER AND THAT THERE WAS HOPE!
The friend instantly got tears in his eyes and Thanked Phillip for telling him that!
Please help us pray for Thomas and that other young man.  Thank you!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Our dear friends Ricardo and Elisa invited U. Charlie (A. Yoli was out of town) and our family over for a yummy Dinner and special evening.
~Here is a picture of our yummy food!
~These were her Flan and cheesecake, part of our dessert.  Delicious!~
~And Strawberry jello.~
~And they served us delicious coffee, Chinese tea, and this yummy Angel Food cake as well.~
~Baby Abigail and I.~
~Our table.  It was such a special evening together!
L to R: Ricardo, Elisa, Jenny, U. Charlie, Phillip and Abigail, Kimberly, Sarah, and I.~
~Tommy, Elijah, Noah, and Mary.~
~I had a fun time playing Christmas songs on their piano and singing them with Kimberly and Sarah. :-)  We really enjoyed seeing cute pics of Tommy and Jenny, Ricardo and Lisa's twins, when they were babies.~
~Kimberly, Sarah, and I "coffee-ing together" this past Sunday afternoon. :-) ~

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