Wednesday, September 30, 2015

~Look who is having a BIRTHDAY WEEK!~

Our Little Mary is 5!!!

Where in the world does time go?

It seems just YESTERDAY that we found out the SURPRISE OF OUR LIVES...
that little Mary was ON HER WAY! :-)

And then...a few short days later, we found out that her placenta was only 40% attached!!! :-(

and MOMMY WENT TO BED (for several weeks, Doctor's orders!!) 
and then the next ultrasound showed 
that our GOD had reattached Mary's Placenta!!!! :-)

We are SO THANKFUL that Jesus sent us our very SWEET little Mary!  
She is a sweetheart, and is hilarious and makes us laugh a lot.
She loves Jesus with all her heart! 
The other night she cried and told me, "I'll TRY to get to Heaven!"
I assured her that we couldn't get to Heaven on our own, but only with God's help. 
I then told her that just as Sarah had held her hand, (and would have kept her from falling if she would have tripped), as she had gone on a walk that day, ...
If she will keep her little hand in GOD'S BIG HAND, He will keep her from tripping and falling and help her to make it to Heaven someday!

We're in the middle of celebrating MARY today, so stay tuned for more fun pics!! :-)


GLOANN said...

She looks like such a sweet and pretty little girl. May God bless her to always have a heart to serve God.

Anonymous said...

I love this picture!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY!!! hope it's awesome!

Gram said...

Dear Little Mary, I thrust you had a happy birthday! Somehow Gram thought that your birthday was today and then I looked at the calendar. I love you Mickey Mouse, or was it a Minny Mouse. I didn't know for sure but it surely looked like it was wishing you a very happy birthday. I can't wait until you get home and I will have a birthday present for you and lots of pennies that Gramp give me every time I find a nail! I have about a hundred that I have not counted and gotten paid for yet. :) I love you lots and lots. Gram

Sherry L Dickinson said...

What a pretty pink sweater that matches Mary's big Mickey Mouse! Mary is so adorable saying she'll try to get to Heaven! It's wonderful that she has turned five years old. I can remember when she was a new 2 month old tiny baby girl with lots of hair so dark that it was almost black. I wondered how she could be so tiny, so cute, and how she could make me love her so much. She is just as sweet now, and I can hardly wait for her to hug me, and for us to make good friends as grandma and granddaughter. I love that you know how to make each of your children seem so very special. With love, Mom D.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet Mary! Brittany showed me the pics that Kimberly Snapped her and you had a very sweet picky mousy party! I wish you were here for us to give you a squeeze! But you'll have to just take this "AIR HUG" from our family! Lots of love from Cincinnati! Love you, A. Laura and U. Daryl and all of your big cousins! =)

Hannah Avery said...

Happy Birthday Mary! Keep living for Jesus!


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