Thursday, September 3, 2015

~Happy Birthday, Sweetheart Phillip~

~Sorry for re-posting this pic, but I think it's a fun pic of us. :-)~
 ~Phillip's gifts from our family...ready to open.
(It looks like he got a lot, but they are SIMPLE gifts, bought with love. :-) ~

 ~Phillip used his birthday money to buy this nice tea pot to use with his Argentine tea called Mate.~
 ~Last night we had a fun English class.
We played Taboo,  where we had to describe words using other words to our team players.  It was GOOD English practice.
Afterwards we played Gestures, and acted out some words.
We missed Aunt Caro who was away visiting her parents.
(Excuse the pink and white decor left over from Abigail's birthday, I have another little girl's birthday coming up soon, so don't want to take it down. :-) ~
 Phillip and the kids made some of what our family calls "Paper Toilets."  :-)
They watched a video by a man from Russia explaining how to put a roll of paper toilet (Toilet paper :-)  into a can (removing the card board tube from the Toilet paper first,)
then pour alcohol over the toilet paper and it makes a nice little contained fire.
The man accidentally called it "PAPER TOILET" instead of Toilet paper, which made us smile.  Our family has learned another language (and we still make lots of mistakes speaking it) so we could identify. :-)

So, we now call these "Paper Toilets!" :-)  Here's their first paper toilet!~
 ~The kids love this, and it gives a perfect little "Country feeling contained fire"... in the middle of the city. :-)
 ~After our games we went outside to our 3 "Paper toilets" and roasted Marshmallows.
Here are Sarah and Valen.~

 ~All of us enjoyed roasting Marshmallows.~

 ~Bubu and Kimberly...with a little smiling Abigail in the corner of the pic.~
 ~The kids LOVED the fire.~
 ~When it comes to Birthday cake, Phillip is an easy man to please.
He wants jello cake with pudding on top. :-)
(He wouldn't mind one of my apple pies, if I can ever find the energy to make one.
I think I'll have to wait until Abigail GRADUATES from Highschool I can catch up on my sleep. Lol!)
 ~Kimberly carrying in the cake and volcano candle while we sang Happy Birthday.~

 ~Valen touched the hot can and burnt her thumb.  So, here she is giving a "BIG LIKE sign."  :-) ~
 ~Phillip's gifts, after the girls got back from buying a gift for him.~

 ~As I've told you before, Dear little Abigail does NOT think that nights are for sleeping.;-)
We've tried nearly everything we know of, and she still wakes up from 1 to 3 times a night, and sometimes is awake for 2 hours!
Phillip often gets up with her and takes her downstairs and walks and prays with her, so that I can get some more sleep!

So saying that, Here's the Sweet note that Kimberly wrote last night and left for Daddy to see this morning.

"Happy Birthday, Daddy!
Daddy, if it's after 7:30, please wake me up! I'll take the boys to lessons (guitar) today and you SLEEP IN!!
I don't want to lose my Daddy to a Heartattack or something 'cause He never got any sleep!  HaHaHa!  Ahem!  Abigail! :-)
Love, K!mberly!~
 ~This is our breakfast table this morning for Phillip's birthday breakfast. (Sadly the boys and Kimberly were gone! :-(~
 ~Sarah made yummy scrambled eggs and I made Blueberry sour cream scones and coffee.~

May you have a very special day!  Let's celebrate another 100 of your birthdays!!!  ;-)  
You are such a SPECIAL Godly man, and I GET TO HAVE YOU as my Husband, Best Friend, Life's companion, team mate, Protector, provider, and Daddy of our 6 precious children! :-)
Thank you, Dear Jesus, for giving me my SWEETHEART Phillip! 


Daryl Hausman said...

Dearest Dickinson's family and in particular Phillip.... Happy Birthday to you from this whole Haus! Your celebration looked fun and inviting. With my very limited Russian, I have a guess as to why that Russian man wrote "paper toilet" in his tutorial. You see in Russian the common noun often comes 1st with the adjective describing what kind of Paper would come afterwards... so he probably has limited English and doesn't realize that you switch it around in American English. again this is just a guess... no need to change your blog, just thought you all might enjoy a little Russian lesson to add to your Chinese, Spanish and English languages that you all study and know!!!! Smile!
Much Love to you all and maybe we ought to try some of those "contained fires" here in Cincy sometimes!!! It might keep the fire trucks off our street....#happyremodelingmemories! Smile!

The Dickinsons said...

Thank you so much, dear Hausmans!
And yes, this brings back happy remodeling memories.

Moma said...

A very interesting birthday post to a very nice Phillip! I love you, Moma

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