Wednesday, September 2, 2015

~Pics from Sunday and other pics.~

Our friend Fernando (who had a motorcycle wreck) STILL NEEDS PRAYER! 
His wife Mariela said that He is still critical!!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~Before Sunday School started, Noah was helping U. Charlie by peeling carrots for Chinese Sunday dinner back in the kitchen.~
 ~Kimberly was asked to sing at church.  Here they are gathered to pray before service started.~
 ~Kimberly and her friends that she sang with at church.~
~Thank you for your prayers for our little Wiwi!
Jesus has touched him and he is healing well.  Here he is last Sunday holding Abigail. ~
~Abigail figured out how to crawl up on the chairs beside her big sister Kimberly's desk...
 ~OHHHH, The studying Kimberly gets done when Abigail arrives at her desk! ;-) ~
~And Abigail likes to "help Sarah Pray" while she's having her devotions too. :-)~
 ~Little Mary holds Little Abigail. :-)
These sisters are SO HAPPY to have each other and laugh and giggle and play together well!~
~Unfortunately, Abigail is a CLIMBER!
We found her hanging off the top of the glass tea cart!  :-(
I had Elijah hold her there so I could get a quick picture.~
~Elijah LOVES to cut up things and tape them together.  He found a piece of a "Swimming pool noodle" and cut it up and made a cute little "man."~

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