Monday, September 7, 2015

~Our 2015-2016 School year Begins!~

But, first a few pics from our Sunday!
~We have our "adopted son, Jeremias" staying with us right now while his Daddy, Fernando is in the hospital from his motorcycle wreck and his Mommy is staying with his Daddy.

A simple cake that Sarah mixed up and then I put "Dulce de Leche" (caramel) and sprinkles on top for our snack Sunday night.~

~Playing Bible Charades Sunday, and "Baby Abigail in the box" was "Baby Moses in the basket." :-)~
~My friend Irene gave Abigail a birthday gift.
(Do you see the little ELIJAH PHOTO BOMB under my left arm.)~
~Isn't this dress from Irene for Abigail so cute?!  Muchas Gracias, Irene!!!~
~My French Bread snack.~

 ~And NOW...Our 2015-2016 School year Begins!
~Our centerpiece for our first day of school/Labor Day!~

 ~The students got some pencils and a box of chocolates to start off their 1st day.~
 ~They really didn't need other school supplies, for they have recently received nice markers, pencils boxes, etc. :-) ~

 ~Our Kimberly is a Senior!~
  ~Down by the river.~

~Sarah is a Freshman!~
 ~Behind Sarah is the train station down by the river.
We love it!
It reminds us of "Anne of Green Gables!"~
 ~Our Dear in 6th grade.
I thought he did a great job drawing these 6th "grade" chalkboard letters.~




 ~Mary and Elijah...our 2 First Graders!  
(Elijah isn't feeling well, so we had to snap fast pics of him today. 
And he was coughing, so he had to HOLD ON to the books and apple for them to stay there. :-(
 ~A quick casual pic of our sweet Elijah.~
  ~Little Sweet Mary, one of our 1st graders.~



~And our Sweet Baby Abigail...

Class of 2033!!!!~ :-)
~She got fascinated with the strings from the tassel. :-) ~
~Love those little legs.
(I had planned that she would WEAR the graduation hat, so I didn't worry about her combing her hair.
But, as you can see, she did NOT want to wear the hat. :-)
Since it was her NAP TIME, I just quickly snapped, and was grateful for what I got, messed-up hair and all! :-)~
~Such a Sweet bundle of ENERGY and JOY!~

~Our centerpiece for our lunch of Skyline chili. :-) ~
~Teacher-Mommy with our pupils...and Jeremias.~

~Principal/Daddy with our students.~
~Mary reading Abigail a story.~
She found the  plant dirt box here in the house! 
Phillip found some boards to cover this up, and school got paused while I gave Abigail a quick bath. :-) ~
And we're learn A lot this year!! :-)
I hope your Labor day went great!
Happy School year everyone!


lila said...

Your school looks fun!! I want to be one of your students!! LOL Very nice pics of your lovely sweet children. It's hard to believe how big they are already. I hope the weather isn't to bad when you get home. Would love to see you all!! Love and prayers

Kirsten Fuller said...

Just had to take a minute and tell you what an inspiration you are to me. I don't even remember how I found your blog, but I have been following it for a couple of years now and love the genuine love for your family you display. You have been an encouragement to me in a world that seems to have forgotten that we are to be feminine. Just wanted to say Thanks for being such an amazing example, and inspiration.

Kirsten Fuller

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kimberly!!! I am a senior this year also!!! Go class of 2016!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Dear Heather,
Last night, or rather early this morning, I did look at your blog posts-the last two, in fact-and they were so very nice.
I think it is a wonderful idea that you make your homeschooled year as professional as possible with all of the celebrations for special events.
I nearly go into a swoon when I see all of these new pictures you put up of my grandchildren. I feel like I've had a visit with you all when I look at the pages of your blog posts. It just makes my heart so happy. Then, I want to go to Beth's blog so I can have a visit with their family next, but there is no blog site to visit. ;-) ( I can look at Facebook, I guess.)
Your kids are growing up so quickly, and Phillip and you are aging gracefully and beautifully.
I feel very special that Jesus gave you all to be MY family. I am thankful too.
Love you so much,
Mom D

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