Sunday, September 27, 2015

~Our English class~

This past Wednesday Aunt Caro made a yummy meal for us!  It was a yummy treat!!  We had a good English class.

Eating Yummy CHINESE food, 
At our ENGLISH class, 

~Leo made these Moon Cakes, a Chinese tradition.  They were good.~
 ~They brought this yummy choc. candy bar.~
 ~Yours truly with my Dear friend, Caro, our Cook for the evening! :-)
 ~U. Leo and Baby Abigail. 
 ~ Phillip had Noah write down some ideas of subjects that Bubu likes, and then Phillip and Bubu practiced English in Kimberly's room.
 ~Sarah and Valen practiced English in Sarah and Mary's room, ...
talking about subjects that Valen likes!~
 ~Afterwards Phillip had everyone gather back in the Living room to study English together and to learn their Scripture verse in English too.~
 ~And then Jeremiah who was staying with us, joined them too.~
 ~Bubu trying to teach Elijah and Mary to play their recorders.~
 ~Aunt Caro made fried rice.  Delish!~
 ~Chinese hot sauce.~
 ~Aunt Caro's yummy corn soup.~
 ~Cute Chinese bowls with yummy Chinese soup.~
 ~Bubu and Valen bought these nice Bible coloring books and
colored pencils and crayons
 for Elijah and Mary.~
 ~So nice!  Such fun pencils too~
~And not knowing if they would bring a dessert, I made Choc. chips cookies.~


lila said...

Sounds like an evening full of learning, eating, and a fun time!! Love you all tons

Sherry L Dickinson said...

It always makes me want to cry when I see Valen sitting so close to Sarah in these pictures. She is going to be SO SAD when Sarah has to leave her. Then, poor little Jeremias is still having a hard time being without his mother and father. I pray that it is soon that he can be home with them. These pictures of your family with Uncle Leo's family are showing a beautiful time of ministry and friendship. I am so enjoying watching your family be ministers on the mission field. I enjoyed Phillip's video, just now, with the authentic/real scenery in the background. It was nice to hear his voice and to hear his testimony of his love for Jesus and for Holiness. I am curious about the ingredients in the Mooncakes. Were they a sweet treat, or were they a bread/biscuit type of food? How I enjoyed this visit with your family! Love, Mom D

Hannah Avery said...

What a fun-sounding English class! That is such a nice Bible coloring book and pencils. I love seeing how you all minister together as a family!


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