Thursday, September 10, 2015

Happy Birthday to Aunt Yoli (and Phillip!)~

See, I told you that Phillip's BIRTHDAY WEEK wasn't quite over. ;-)
Last night we celebrated Aunt Yoli and Phillip's birthdays.
Here are the pics of our English class and birthday celebration.
~Since I still want to keep the pink and white up for my Mary's birthday, I wanted to choose colors for their party that could include pink, so I went with pink and mint green.
Here's a pic of Uncle Charlie and Aunt Yoli with our kids...and Aunt Yoli's chalkboard.~

~And my "It's Time 2 Celebrate!" chalkboard.~

~Scrabble letters saying, "Feliz cumple"~
~I made 3 brownies in my little tart pans as part of Aunt Yoli's gift.~
~My 2 little love bird salt and pepper shakers and my wooden antique tennis rack chalkboard (Phillip found the tennis rack on the side of the road, and then we added the chalkboard :-) was our centerpiece.~

~Phillip's chalkboard.~
 ~My mint green little wooden box, our pic wearing mint green, and my fun little bike were beside Phillip's chalkboard.~
  ~I fell in Love with this adorable little "bicycle built for two" when I saw it.~
~In The back is where our STUFFED BAKED POTATO BAR was.~

~I stopped working in the kitchen long enough to snap this pic of Uncle Charlie, Kimberly, and helpers. :-) ~
~Bubu and Valen brought their "Twister" game...and it created a lot of fun!~
~Aunt Yoli's gifts.  The gift from Bubu and Valen (and family) was behind her chalkboard.~
~Our gifts to aunt Yoli.  A bag of Colombian coffee, my brownies, and some special chocolates.~
~Here's Phillip's gifts.~
~More Twister game.~

~Abigail and her dear Uncle Charlie~

~All of us except the boys.~
~Abigail "takes a turn at Twisters." ;-)~
~I made 2 ice cream cakes, using my brownies.
(I made this ice cream cake, so as to not have to DIP ice cream for 13 people. :-)  But, I don't recommend this.
While we waited for the brownies to thaw a tad so that they wouldn't be so hard, the ice cream got soft. :-)
If I had to do it over again, I'd probably line 2 bread pans with Saran Wrap or wax paper, and CRUMBLE my brownies (or Oreo cookies) on the bottom,
add a layer of ice cream, freeze for awhile,
add more crumbs and ice cream,
possibly choc. syrup, and repeat with crumbs and ice cream, etc.
then when it's frozen,
you could pull out the paper, which would pull out the ice cream cake from the pan, and then serve it, and you wouldn't have HARD brownies.)~
~But, they were yummy. :-) The 2nd ice cream cake was made with Mascarpone ice cream and had little Oreo cookies on top.~
~Aunt Yoli and Phillip...the birthday people, with Uncle Charlie and I.~
~This is Bubu and Valen's gift to Aunt Yoli.
It's a breakfast tray.  Bubu painted it black, and then Valen drew and painted the flowers on it.
Didn't they do a great job?~
~Aunt Yoli and Valen with the breakfast tray.~
~And here is U. Leo and A. Caro and family's nice gift to Phillip.
It is a nice clear magnetic fish that has a "Fish Promise box" filled with more Scriptures to put inside the fish.  And they are Bi-lingual.  Chinese on one side, and English on the other. :-) ~
 ~And this nice Cardigan Sweater from Uncle Charlie and Aunt Yoli for Phillip.~
It was a fun evening together!
May Jesus give Aunt Yoli and Phillip Blessings in Christ for years to come!


lila said...

Boy!! What a nice birthday week for Bro. Phillip!! Everything was lovely as always!! How special to celebrate with friends. Love and prayers

Moma said...

Loved your post! So much fun and the birthday celebration was special. I loved seeing it all. Love, Moma

Daddy and I are still working getting the porch ready and I am still finding nails! Mary should be very glad that she is to get all the pennies this time! I am still "fussing" at Daddy, telling him that he should let Mary count his nails. He found three more today.

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