Friday, August 14, 2015

~Noah Finished 5th Grade!!!~

Our "Summer Break" was in November, December, and January as we said Goodbye to Dear Family and Friends, packed up our belongings, Flew to Colombia on CHRISTMAS DAY, stayed there in Colombia visiting and encouraging our churches and people there for nearly a month, then flew here to Argentina on Jan. 21st!

So, our kids have been working to finish up this school year, before we start the next!

~Earlier this year, when Noah finished his Science for the year....I made a simple celebration for him.
I didn't know what to use to make a special table, but I found these napkins I had on hands with flowers. 
Now, Noah isn't into Flowers :-) but I figured if I added some GUY-COLORED Plates that he'd be ok with the napkins. :-)~
~I colored some sugar green and dipped the goblets in that to go with our lemony drink.~
 ~Served something simple for lunch And made some cream puffs for dessert.   
I made some choc. syrup to go over the cream puffs.~
 ~Noah was happy.~

This past Saturday, Noah finished 5th grade!


So, per his desire, we took him to a McDonalds that had a Neat GYM instead of a playground!
I failed to get pics of the gym part, but it had trampoline, a bicycle, a small basketball court, etc. The kids had a blast!

Here's some pics for you to enjoy!
~Left to Right:  Mary, Elijah wearing his toy, and Noah.~

 ~I took this pic of Abigail, and she blinked...but we thought it was so cute anyway! :-) ~

 ~Here she was trying to play "Peek-a-boo" with me...around my camera. :-) ~
 ~Such cuteness and sweetness!~
 ~And she was not thrilled when Noah put his toy on her.~
 ~She loved her little yogurt that her big brother Noah shared with her.~

~Mr. Noah got a McFlurry for finishing his schoolwork!~
 ~Here in South America we have something pretty cool! 
Some McDonalds have McCafes!!!
It's a FUN place in McDonalds... where you can get Fun coffees, milkshakes, Frappuccinos, desserts, etc.~

 ~So, Kimberly, Sarah, and I ORDERED VERY LITTLE for supper, so we could splurge HERE!
 ~Sarah got a hot chocolate, and an apple crumble!
Kimberly and I both got Oreo cookie Frappes.~
 ~Pure yumminess!~
 ~Special Moments with my older girls!~
So happy Noah got done! :-)


Gram said...

Congratulations Noah! I am so pleased with you finishing the 5th grade! Your pictures looks like you had a fun time at McDonalds! We are counting the days until you will be home. We love you, Gram

lila said...

A big CONGRATS to Noah!!! What a fun and yummy celebration!! The pics of Noah and Mary was cute!! Love and prayers

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