Monday, August 24, 2015

~Happy Happenings around Here!~

 Some of these pics didn't happen real recently, but I still wanted to post them.  ;-)
~Daddy took lil' Mary on a date for ice cream.~
 ~On Saturday mornings as part of our family devotions we do Charades.  
Here is Elijah acting like "Little DAVID"....
 ~And Noah acting like "Goliath." :-) ~
 ~One day It began to rain, and it rained here for DAYS!  (Like nearly a week Straight!)
So much that Phillip had to drain some of the water out of the pool fish pond in our backyard, so it wouldn't flood our back yard and down into the house!
So saying, I hadn't LEFT THE HOUSE FOR DAYS...and was feeling a tad like EEYORE...GLOOMY! :-)

So, my Sweetheart took me (and Abigail) on a date, in the rain!! (Thus my rain boots! :-)
The date night was JUST what I needed!
It was a delightful night and surely lifted my damp spirits. :-)
 ~Here's the fish pond in our back yard, before Phillip drained it.~
 ~Since it's been chilly I made Gingerbread muffins.~
 ~Little Square eyed Abigail...who had just awakened.~
 ~The first time the girls took a bath together.~

 ~The boy's friend Nahuel came over for one Friday evening to play.~

 ~My Sweetheart surprised me with these yummy Chocolates...which I shared with my family!~
 ~Sweet Elijah brought me these.~
 ~Before I left Colombia in January....My Sweet Friend Zulma gave me one of  PRECIOUS treasures...this nice black cape.~
 ~Last Sunday, was "Kid's Day" in Argentina.
At church they made it a very Special day!~
 ~Alicia and Kimberly making a "picnic" for the kids.~

 ~The kids' sang a couple choir songs up front.~
"GOD IS SO GOOD" in Chinese, Spanish, and our Noah sang a solo in English. ~
 ~The church gave the kids the fun bag of things on the right.
My new Friend Irene and her boys made up the fun "yummy" bags on the left, added a Scripture verse and passed them out too. :-) ~

 ~When we got home from church, Crazy Sarah took Abigail upstairs and put funny ponytails ALL OVER HER HEAD...
and made us laugh!~

 ~Mary and Kimberly...wearing her new jacket, a gift from a friend. :-) ~
 ~So since Sunday had been "Kids day" on Monday, we took our kids out to celebrate.
Monday was a holiday.
We headed to McDonalds for something cheap...
We were shocked!
So, we went to the only place we could find open.~
 ~Abigail Loves to do this with her eyes when we take her pics. :-) ~
~My Hot chocolate.  The "Chocolate part" is on the end of that little wooden stick, and when I stirred it into the hot milk, my hot milk became HOT CHOCOLATE!  :-) ~
 ~Our friends Uncle Ricardo and Aunt Elisa just got back from the USA.
They brought us a bag of HERSHEY'S!  YUM!!  :-)~
 ~"One-crawling-sock-Abigail"...climbed up on the end table and pulled back the curtain to look out. :-) ~

 ~This past Friday night the boy's friend Ariel came over to play.~
 ~He brought 2 things of yummy ice cream!~

 ~So we took the kids to the park to play, then came home and ate my 2 ham and cheese tarts, and then we enjoyed Ariel's ice cream treats.~
~Saturday found our little Elijah very SICK with Asthma, and he could hardly breathe! :-(
So, Sarah stayed home with me to help take care of him on Sunday.
~Our Dear Peruvian Friends Percy, Sara, and Percy's Mother came to our Bible Study Sunday night.  We were happy to have them here with us!~
 ~Afterwards, We had a simple supper and a fun visit together.
They brought 4 bottles of Coke for our drink.
Elijah took our picture. :-)~
 ~Sara, Heather, and Percy's Mother.~
~Have a Blessed Week in Jesus!


Moma said...

Glad that you got to go out for a DATE! Also loved your cape! I think that your friend meant for you to bring it to me. :) Sorry for Elijah's bout, hope he outgrows that before long. Lots of kids do and I am praying he will. Gramp and I loved watching him play his guitar. Love to all, Moma

lila said...

Lots of fun pics!! I enjoyed the kids singing!! Was Kimberly playing the piano? I'm thankful Elijah is feeling better. Also hope Abigail is sleeping better at night!! Love and prayers

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