Thursday, August 20, 2015

~Baby Abigail turns one!~

I wanted to blog earlier this week, but I've been BUSY!  You see, we have a little baby girl who has a birthday this week! :-)
I started working on Friday getting ready for her party.
We had a fun birthday party for her last night, and here are TONS of pictures for you to enjoy!!
~Can't believe that our Abigail is 1!!!~
 ~Such Sweetness that Jesus wrapped up in this one baby girl!~

 ~Abigail smiling at her big sister Kimberly~

 ~Admiring her new birthday dress (a gift from Daddy and Mommy.) ~
 ~Elijah drew "Abigail" on your left, and Mary "drew her" and wrote her name on your right. :-) ~
  ~A fun little arrangement with Abigail's little feet in a frame, and her CUTE baby shoes we got in Colombia.~
 ~My fun chalkboard with a little Abigail message.~
 ~Kimberly and I made her cake. I made the cake and Kimberly decorated it.~
 ~The adults table.~
~I had fun making the pink and white pom poms.~
  ~Our centerpiece was my lantern with her balloons tied to it.~
 ~I spelled her name with my little white frames.~
 ~Here's her BEAUTIFUL cake that Kimberly decorated with these pretty roses in 3 different colors of pink.~
 ~Kimberly did such a great job on Abigail's cake.~

 ~My "Reeses's" in muffin cup papers, and wrapped in pink tulle are in the jar on the right.
I put pink and white marshmallows in the jar on the left.~

 ~In the basket are more of my Reeses's and in my white teapot are my "Oreo cookie pops!"~

 ~Found this cute sucker holder for cheap.~

 ~I tinted white sugar, pink and put it on the top of our goblets.~
 ~A cute pic of Abigail and the little tiny goblets we use for communion with tealites on them.~
 ~Jesus gave me the idea to use this room divider from Kimberly's room as part of my decor.
So, I hung tulle and burlap (After living here for all these months (in 2011, 2014, and 2015) just the other day...I FINALLY found where to buy some burlap and got a little! :-)
Then I hung cute white Chinese lantern lights.~

 ~I made a buffet for the hot food on the back desk in Phillip's office.
As part of the decor, I used baby Abigail's baby picture and Sarah did a great job drawing this on my chalkboard.~

 ~We picked the balloons up from the party store in the afternoon, quickly took Abigail's 1-year-old pic, and then Phillip ran and got it developed for me in time for her party that night. :-) ~
 ~On the buffet in the dinning room I made a SWEET TREAT Buffet. (you can click to enlarge.)~
 ~As you know, I LOVE TO BAKE!  One reason I do A LOT of baking here in Argentina, is because I can't do any other projects.  :-)
I don't have a sewing machine here, and no thrift stores (or room to take things back if I did a lot of projects.)
But, since I found some burlap, I thought that I would cover this little can in which chocolates came.~
 ~I found some lace I had on hands and glued it to the burlap.~
 ~And then I had the kids fill my can with little caramel "straw cookies." ~
 ~I made my supermoist choc. cupcakes with the Mocha/coffee icing (pictured on the right of my blog if you want the recipe) and tucked pink and white straws in them. ~
 ~When Uncle Leo and Aunt Caro arrived they asked if they could help.  COULD THEY?  YES, they could!  :-) They were a HUGE BLESSING!! So, while Phillip was teaching the kid's English class...Uncle Leo chopped tomatoes for me...~
 ~And Aunt Caro fried the hamburger.
Kimberly was washing up the 1,000 dishes we had used while making all our treats. :-) ~
 ~Then Aunt Yoli came and took over washing up alllll the dishes(thus freeing up my Kimberly to help me in other ways!:-) 
I told Aunt Yoli that she reminded me of my Sweet Mother-in-law! Every time Mom D. comes to my house, after the meals, she washes my dishes, wipes my counters, and leaves my kitchen spotless!   :-)
I made Indian Fry Bread Tacos.  So, while I made the dough and got the fry bread ready, Aunt Caro started frying for me.
Everyone was SUCH A BLESSING getting everything ready to eat.~
 ~The table and people visiting while waiting to eat.~

 ~The girl's table.~

 ~Abigail with all her fun presents.~
 ~I think Abigail had NO CLUE what had happened and WHY everyone was being so nice to her; Giving her gifts, singing to her, clapping for her, etc.
Nor WHY she got to eat a cupcake. :-)
I think I heard her saying to herself:
"Not sure what I did RIGHT TODAY, but may it happen again to tomorrow!"  ;-) ~
 ~Our Indian Fry bread all ready to munch!  DELISH!~
 ~And the Indian Taco feast begins!~
 ~All ready to munch.  Phillip was ready to lead us in prayer.~
 ~In the food line.~
 ~My Indian taco (buried among veggies. :-)
 ~The girls at their table.~
 ~The boy's table.~
 ~Our table.~
 ~Aunt Caro and her Indian taco.
Our company LOVED the Indian Tacos!  They had 2nds, 3rds, and even 4ths! :-)  I was THRILLED that they loved the Indian tacos like we do! :-)~
 ~Abigail and her Uncle Charlie.~
 ~Abigail and her Uncle Leo.~
 ~Someone helped Noah get into Abigail's highchair.~
 ~Uncle Charlie acting like he's feeding Noah.~
 ~Tommy with Elijah on his back and Mary in his arms. :-) ~
 ~Here's a link so his Grandparents can hear Elijah leading us in "Happy Birthday" on his guitar.~
 ~We sang to Abigail in 3 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES!  English, Spanish, and Chinese. :-) ~

 ~Here's a little link to see how EXCITED Abigail got! Each time we finished singing for her,  She'd CLAP her little heart out!  :-) ~

 ~Our family.  (Phillip has a hold of Abigail's jammies so she wouldn't fall. :-)~
 ~We gave Abigail a cupcake.  It was hilarious for when she would TOUCH the icing she would SLAP HER HAND on the highchair trying to get it clean.
She was NOT a fan of getting messy!
So, I had Kimberly remove the icing and then Abigail enjoyed her Chocolate cupcake.~

 ~Phillip cutting the cake.  We have a plan.  I make the cakes, he cuts them.:-) ~
 ~It was pure yummy!~
 ~Uncle Ricardo, Aunt Elisa, Jenny and Tommy (on the floor) with baby Abigail.  (This is Uncle Leo's brother.)~
 ~A very tired baby Abigail opening her very nice gifts.~

 ~It was so cute to see her concentrate on one of the fun books that Uncle Charlie and Aunt Yoli got her.~

 ~Valen and Sarah!~
~The sweet skirt that Valen is wearing is from the Boardmans. ~

 ~At nearly midnight poor this is what Abigail looked like after the fun was over.  :-)~

 ~Her little "shoe" bike" from our family!~
 ~Nice and fun books from Uncle Charlie and Aunt Yoli!~
 ~A cute Monkey keyboard from Uncle Leo and Aunt Caro and family!~
 ~Cute stackables from Uncle Ricardo and Aunt Elisa and family!~
 ~A fun phone from big sister Kimberly.~
 ~Abigail got this little stroller from our other children.~
 ~Uncle Ricardo and Aunt Elisa and family brought the rest of our family nice gifts as well. :-)
This is the little doll for Mary.~
 ~A very HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY, Dear Sweet Abigail!!!
We are soooo Happy that Jesus sent you to our family...and our prayer is that you will LIVE FOR JESUS FOREVER!!!~
 ~HEATHER~  (Mommy :-)


Sherry L Dickinson said...

What an adorable First Birthday Party this was! Abigail's First Birthday picture of her sitting in the chair with the balloons is so sweet. The cake that Kimberly frosted for Abigail is beautiful! It made me want some and then, I remembered it was chocolate! (Just joking! Just joking! Just joking!) I nearly fell in the floor laughing when I read what you wrote that Abigail said to herself, "not sure what I did right today, but may it happen again tomorrow"! I laughed where you wrote that poor Kimberly was washing the 1,000 dishes that were dirty. The Indian Fry Bread Tacos sounded so good-I wonder if everyone liked them, besides your family? The Strawberry Lemonade sounded delicious. Noah needs to teach this grandma how to make that. Abigail looked so cute concentrating on the book that U. Charlie and A. Yoli gave to her, while Phillip was reading to her. I love it that Sarah is such good friends with Valen. I have a feeling that Valen will be coming to the United States to visit Sarah when Valen gets a bit older. Dear Elijah did a very good job playing Happy Birthday on his guitar. I loved hearing him play! Love, Grandma D in Arizona

The Dickinsons said...

Dearest Mom,
Thank you for this fun comment. I knew you'd be SO HAPPY that I made CHOCOLATE cake, CHOCOLATE cupcakes, CHOCOLATE Reeses's, and CHOCOLATE OREO COOKIE POPS! :-) Sounds like your kind of Sweet treat bar, doesn't it?! Lol! ;-)
Yes, our company LOVED the Indian Tacos! They had 2nds, 3rds, and even 4ths! :-) I was THRILLED that they loved them like we do! :-)

Love and miss y'all,

Gram said...

Happy Birthday Abigail! I was sorry that I did not comment before now. I was not feeling well before now. I love all the pictures of her birthday, she is a sweet baby girl! Gram

lila said...

What a lovely celebration!!!!!!! Everything looks so beautiful!!! Abigail looks like her Aunt Laura in some of the pics. The pics are lovely and Kimberly did a beautiful job icing the cake!! I'm glad everyone loved the tacos and had a great time!!! Love you all tons

Daryl Hausman said...

Dearest Dickinson's,
So sweet a post! beautiful typical Heather... all amazing and coordinated too! Great job on that cake frosting Kimberly! It looked gorgeous! Love to all and happy belated birthday from this Haus!

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