Monday, August 10, 2015

~Mary had her first piano recital!~

But first I'll show you pics of our good Lord's day.
We had a good service Sunday morning with our Dear friends at the Chinese church.  We were challenged by Mr. Dijon's sermon to WORK FOR THE LORD and NOT FOR THE TEMPLE!
~Here's a pic of my new friend Irene her son Leo, and I at church. We are SO GLAD she and her sons are coming to church!~
 ~After service Phillip went to see our little William (Wiwi) in the hospital again.
How we THANK THE LORD for saving his little life when his appendix burst!!  SCARY!
Thank you for praying for a complete recovery for him.~
Then Sunday evening at our Bible Study in our home, God's sweet presence came in such a SWEET way that I WEPT while we sang, "Oh, How I love Jesus" and No One ever Cared for Me Like Jesus" in Spanish!
Afterwards we enjoyed a yummy Meal!
Fernando and Mariela brought yummy meats, cheese and a jelly type something to have "Picada."
 ~Mariela and Fernando making the tray of yummy picada.~
 ~It was a perfect chance to use my cute Tiny FORKS that I bought in Colombia. :-) ~
~I didn't know they were bringing picada, and had made the fixings for a huge Taco salad.
So we had a feast! :-)
Here's little Elijah, Jeremiah, and Mary.~
 ~My dear friend Mariela and I.~
 ~And for dessert I made Laura's jelly bars.  Yum!~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
As you know, I don't always get things posted right when they happen, but hey, at least I get them posted. :-)
Mary had a recital the week of July 4th!
Mary's little recital was a LAST MINUTE decision made by her teacher and we didn't know about it until around 1:00 P.M. on the day that it was to happen at 5:00! :-(
I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL my 4th of July preparations and company was coming in just 5 hours, so there was NO WAY we could go. :-(
~Kimberly volunteered to take Mary to her first recital. It was actually an OPEN CLASS.
Thanks, Kimberly, for taking Mary!!~
~Going out the door with Kimberly to catch the bus to go to her recital.~


~Phillip and I got this little gift for Mary for her piano recital, (and because she slept on the couch and let Bethany have her part of the room for a month :-). ~

~We got her this Cute little metal tea set that has its own tray.~

~Mary having a tea party with her Best Bud Elijah!!!~
~And then later with her Sarah, and Valen, Jenny, and Elijah.



Sherry L Dickinson said...

This was such a fun post to read. I was wondering how your Sunday evening service went, so I was happy to hear about it. I am thankful that William seems to be on the mend from his surgery. Bud's brother, Bob's, appendix ruptured when he was a young boy and the Lord raised him off of his very sick bed, and healed him! My brother, John's, appendix ruptured when he was 7 years old, and he was deathly sick. He was in the hospital for some many days, gravely ill, but eventually got well. It was a traumatic time for him at that young age with all the circustances surrounding that situation. Mary's piano recital at her piano teacher's house was absolutely precious. She plays so well that I was impressed. I'm glad that Kimberly was able to post it on You Tube for us to listen too. I've read your previous post's but have not been able to comment on them. I just love reading your posts and looking at the pictures! Love, Mom D

lila said...

I'm not always able to leave a comment either, I hate when that happens!!!! Very nice post!!! I enjoyed all the pics and especially Mary's piano recital!!! She is doing a great job and could be as good as her Moma someday!!! Love and prayers

Gram said...

Mary, thank you for such and nice recital, sorry that your Daddy and Mommie could not be with you. I really liked your tea set and want to see you enjoying it many times. I love you, little girl and so want to see you. Gram

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