Wednesday, August 5, 2015

~English classes and Leo and Caro made the food!~

Leo and Caro volunteered to make the food for A couple English classes.
The Food was delicious and it was a GREAT blessing and help to me! :-)
Here are the pics to enjoy!
~Phillip teaching English class while the food was getting ready.
Phillip works on English grammar, pronunciation, and is teaching the young people Bible in English too.~
~Leo and Caro cooking in the kitchen.  Kimberly made our dessert this night.~
~As you can see, this is when Kara and Bethany were with us.
It was their first English class with us.
Since I was preparing for Elijah and Mary's Kindergarten graduation the next Saturday...Leo and Caro making food this night was a HUGE BLESSING!~
~Chinese empanadas.  Yummy!~
~The cooks! :-) ~
~Kimberly's cookies!~
~Leo's yummy bread.~
~All ready to dig in.~

~I had a cute little sign that said, "TEA time!"
After the kids left from English class...I found THIS SIGN!  "EAT TIME!" ;-)
This past week, I was exhausted due to Abigail not sleeping well at nights.
Caro volunteered to cook the food this week for English class, and it was SUCH a Blessing to me! :-)
Look at cute little Abigail on Tommy's shoulders.~

~A yummy typical Argentina meat called, "Milanesa." ~
~Chinese Spring rolls, Milanesa (breaded meat), and mashed potatoes.~
~Thank you, Caro, for making this yummy meal! (Gracias, Caro, por cocinar esta comida tan rica! :-)
English classes are not just a way to "pass time", we are doing our best to touch these young people's lives for Jesus!  :-)

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