Friday, May 29, 2015

~U.S.A. visitors...and Elijah and Mary are DONE with Kindergarten!~

In case you are interested I posted FUN FOOD FRIDAY...French Toast Roll-ups recipe on the post BELOW!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
We are Excited! 
Even as I write this, our Dear friends, Luann, Kara, and Bethany are in the air on their way to come and see us!!! 
Kara and Bethany will stay with us for a month and take Spanish classes here in Argentina.
We can't wait until they get here!
We hear tell that they have some gifts for us too.
WOW!  It sounds like it will be Christmas in May/June!
I am still a little girl at heart...and LOVE treats and gifts. :-)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~Elijah and Mary~
Two little Students, as Happy as can be...
Smiling each day and learning 1, 2, 3!
They've been a Joy to teach and now THEY'RE DONE!
And Preparations for their graduation have begun!

They finished Kindergarten and to celebrate...
We took them out for ice cream...they couldn't wait! :-)
Their graduation is set for the 6th of June.
Mommy's got lots to do, for that day will come soon! :-)

~Heading out on a chilly night to get ice cream!
(It's a good thing that the ice cream place had a heater! :-) ~
~They loved their double dip ice cream cone!~
I Thank the Lord for His help to me with their kindergarten.
They started at the end of January, and finished this week! :-)
In case you are interested, make sure and check out the FUN FOOD FRIDAY post I posted below this post! 


lauren ireland said...

So sweet ! I just love Mary's little red dress , two treasures ! Well done Heather for getting all the work done .I am sure both Elijah and Mary think they have the best teacher around !

Gram said...

Congratulations Elijah and Mary! A job well done. I am pleased with you as students and Mommie as your teacher! I loved seeing the pictures and want you two to quickly learn how to send me notes for Mommie will be just too busy now that she has company from the U.S.A. - - - MAYBE YOU WILL BE TOO! :) I love you both and am happy for you. Love, Gram

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! Elijah and Mary!!! We are sooo happy for you both! Darla finished 8th grade this week too, but it was TOOO cold and rainy here to get her cap and gown pics yet. We'll try later this week! We are working hard to get the 3rd floor of our Haus ready for the carpet men to come tomorrow! Glad you get a special graduation too! Fun, Fun! We trust you all will always grow and be eager to learn all that God has for you... for He has BIG PLANS for your lives! =) Love, A. Laura, U. Daryl and your Cinci cousins

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