Tuesday, May 5, 2015

~Our first U.S.A. visitor!~

We have lived here in Argentina, 3 different times (equaling about 13 months all together), and we got our first visitor from the U.S.A. this past weekend.  :-)  Brother Mark Becker our mission director has wanted to come earlier but we wanted him to come after we had been here awhile.  He has it scheduled to come soon.
Our friend David Stamper didn't come to Argentina to see us, He came for his work with D.H.L., but our family got the privilege of getting to spend parts of Saturday and Sunday with him. :-)
~On Saturday morning we ran downtown to meet David near his hotel.
It started POURING THE RAIN right after we met up, so we ducked into this restaurant and ate lunch together!
Since we had wanted to walk around with him and show him some of Buenos Aires, we were GLAD God answered our prayers, and it quit raining while we were eating lunch!!:-) ~
~The kids' table.~
~Sarah and a smiling Baby Abigail.~

 ~It was a pretty chilly day, so we had Abigail bundled up...including these adorable brown and pink little boots that Tio (Uncle) German and Tia (Aunt) Yamile had given to Mary when she was a baby.  :-) ~
 ~Our lunch was yummy!~
~A pretty Clock tower near the train station, and near his hotel.~
~I took this pic of Mr. David and my family.~

~Noah, Elijah, and Mary up high.~
~David and the Women's Bridge.~
~Our family and the bridge.~
~David and our family.~
~Noah, Elijah, and Mary.~
~Where the Argentine President works..."The Pink House!" ~
~Kimberly, Abigail, and Sarah.~
~Sweet Blue-eyed baby Abigail.~

~Mr. David bought Mary and Elijah ice cream.~
~And he bought the rest of us yummy coffee from a very Argentine place called, "Havana."

~David graciously brought a teacher's notebook for our E and M's schoolwork next year, and 20 packs of Skyline and Gold Star chili, Valorie Quesenberry's new book about wearing skirts, and SURPRISED US WITH 3 packs of REESE'S!!!  :-) ~
~Mr. David was able to join us for church at the Chinese church on Sunday morning and ate dinner with us there after church.~
~We Thank the Lord for this lady named Kelly!  She is the one who translates all the services at the Chinese church into English for us!!~
~Mr. David in front of the Chinese Church.~
~Then David came home with us.  We had some coffee and dessert and had a nice time in the afternoon being together.~
~This is the dessert that we enjoyed with our coffee.
I've never made one of these Giant choc. Chip cookies, for I've never had a round pizza pan with sides to make one.  So this was a first for me, and we loved it!  :-)~
~I let the kids decorate the giant choc. chip cookie.~
~Then David joined our family for our Bible Study. (None of our Argentine friends could join us this evening.)
God's sweet presence settled down as several of us gave testimonies to how GOOD GOD IS AND HAS BEEN TO EACH ONE OF US!!~
Each one of our family had saved their Christmas money to spend when we went to Uruguay!
While in Uruguay (and I still plan on posting part 2 of those pics :-), I found a sweet little store with lots of "EYE CANDY"...with which I fell in love!
The store was having a major sell, so God helped my Christmas money to s-t-r-e-t-c-h, so I could get several fun things!
~These 2 plates were part of my find!~

~I love their pretty design, and aqua-ish color.~
~Sunday night after our Bible Study with David, I served a snack, and for dessert...my No-Bake cookies on the largest of my new plates.~

~After the Bible Study we wanted to serve David something typical of Argentina, so we served him "Choripan."  Here's the bread, and the Chimichurri sauce...~
~and here are the Chorizo sausages.~
~This is Choripan.  It's sort of like a sub sandwhich.~
~Fun Holiness fellowship with our Dear Bro. David.~
~Then, he SURPRISED US by pulling out some more goodies from his family to ours.
We thought that he had already given us all the treats on Saturday.
This 2 lb. box of Esther Price candy was one of our surprises!~
~And these fun books by Brent Vernon for our kids to enjoy.~
It was such a delight to be with David!
May God richly BLESS Him and his family for all their kindnesses to us!!!
The only thing that would have made his visit better is if Kelly and their kids could have been here. :-)


Sherry L Dickinson said...

Today, Isaiah was 9 years old! What a surprise to see David Stamper in these pictures! I imagine he was as happy to see your family, as you were to see him! How kind of him and his family to send such special gifts to you all. It was fun to see the different sights in Buenos Aires, and it was nice to see the pictures of you guys. I'm glad the rain stopped in time for your visit around the city because it looks like it must have been pouring from the size of the water puddles. I trust you are managing with the different challenges that come your way being on a foreign field. We love and appreciate each one of you. With love, Mom D

Moma said...

Dearest Heather, I loved reading your e-mail and seeing all the picture of your guest and your family. All those kids are so dear, Today Daddy and I were out to the Doctor and I teased him that he needed to pay me for all the nails I have found around this house and am saving for Mary. He did and I have quite a big envelope of money for her! Love, Moma

lila said...

So glad you had a USA visitor! Nice treats he brought!! I love your new plates and how lovely you use them!! Beautiful post of the those darling kids and you all!! Love you all tons

Sherry L Dickinson said...

PS - Did you notice your mama said, "ALL" those kids? Tee hee! ;-) I felt exactly the same way your little mama felt, "All those kids are so dear". I'm so thankful you have, 'all' those kids! Oh they are precious indeed! With love, Mom D

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