Thursday, May 7, 2015

~Our trip to Uruguay...Part 2 (finally ;-) ~

Back in April, God gave us an enjoyable trip to Uruguay. Here's part 2 of our pics.
~On Thursday we ate lunch at McD's and then walked down to the river again.~

~It was a little warmer today, but the tide was out, so the kids didn't really swim, just waded. :-)~

~Baby Abigail had a blow out, and I had forgotten to bring a change of clothes to the river, so she was in the "buff" for a little while.~
~She is so ornery...
~She makes us laugh all the time!~
~One of our favorite parts of Uruguay is eating Apple Strudel at this restaurant.~
~We always get the same older waiter, who loves our family!
He took our pic, and made us laugh, 'cause he even climbed up on a chair and kept snapping more pics of us, from different angles. :-) ~
~The beloved apple strudel. Wish I had THEIR EXACT RECIPE.~
~Here's Elijah and Noah...and if you look closely, that's our waiter behind Elijah. :-) ~
As I said in part 1, we always have stayed in the same older CHEAP hotel, but this time when we moved in, we found out that their WiFi was down.  :-(
Since we needed WiFi to check in with our family and Mission director, etc. while we were gone, we looked for and found an EVEN CHEAPER Old hotel.  :-)
It was right on the main strip, Nice, The rooms were way more spacious, and to top it off it had FREE breakfast and a YUMMY cheaper-than-we-had-been-finding lunch too!  :-)
~Here is our 2nd hotel to which we moved!~
~Phillip and the kids down below our hotel.~
~Sweet Baby LOVED little girl!~
~The typical breakfast in Uruguay and here in Argentina, is coffee and some sweet croissant type rolls. So, this was the free breakfast at our 2nd hotel.  Juice, rolls, and coffee.~
~Baby Abigail and I stayed in the room and the rest of the fam went up to the 5th floor for breakfast.  They brought my breakfast down to me. :-) ~
~The fam. enjoying the free breakfast in the 5th floor of our hotel.~

~Noah did a good job carving his name out of a potato.~
 ~On Friday, I was feeling a little under the weather, so Abigail and I rested in the hotel while Phillip and the kids went to a free museum nearby.
It was a museum about Uruguayan cowboys and it was this neat CASTLE type building.
The family really enjoyed seeing all the fancy woodwork in all of the building, along with the neat cowboy culture they learned about.~

 ~The typical cowboy dress.~
 ~The cowboys used to wear leather like TOELESS boots, with spurs on the back.~

 ~And Phillip.  ;-) ~
 ~Phillip acting like he is a BUSY bank president.~
 ~The museum had some things in it from the National Bank.~
 ~There were all kinds of neat old Mate (the special herbal tea) cups there in the museum.~

 ~Phillip is pointing to a tiny little knife they thought was cute in the museum.~

 ~In my last post I mentioned that our family each had saved their Christmas money to spend in Uruguay.
These 2 plates, (along with my snuggly warm house shoes I wore during one of my I.H.C. posts! click here to see them) were some of my Fun finds! :-) ~

  ~Enjoying one of our favorite salads again, on Saturday, right before we left Uruguay.~

~The kids in our hotel room before we left.~
~It's turning fall in Uruguay and here in Argentina.~
~In the bus, which lasted nearly 3 hours, then we took a 1 Hour boat ride....~

~The front of our boat we rode on.~
~Phillip holding Abigail on the boat.~

~Abigail was wanting to crawl around in the boat, and that wasn't an option, so Phillip gave her her very own WHOLE HARD cookie to suck on. She was in "heaven." :-)
~And here we are after getting off of the boat...Lugging all of our luggage the few blocks to where we would take the 45 minute train ride,
THEN we would walk another 14 blocks or so Before we FINALLY ARRIVED AT HOME!!  :-)
How we THANK THE LORD for His protection and for giving us a safe trip to and from Uruguay!
Thank you for your prayers!

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Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, this post is so unearthly interesting that it's a pity! Thank you for every single dingle picture you posted, every comment you typed, and for all of the work you did to put this together. It was neat seeing the different items and themes in the Cowboy Museum-it was history from way back. I like it that the waiter in the Apple Strudel Restaurant loves your family. I trust that your example, while you're with him is pulling on his heart strings for God. Your old hotel you stayed in is tall and grand and the inside of the building was pretty too. All of it was just intriguing to study. I felt so sorry for you guys on your final leg of the trip. It made my heart wonder how you drug yourselves home with that luggage, the exhaustion, the hunger, and the spaghetti legs. That's why your family looks thin, svelte, healthy, and gorgeous because of the extreme exercise and the limits you have to push your bodies to go to. I never used to dream that Phillip, his talented wife, and SIX (!) children would be globe trotters for Jesus; and trot you all do, since you have no car! Today, I was longing to see you all, and this trip with you through Uruguay has helped my heart a whole lot. Bless you 100-fold! Love and prayers, Mom D

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