Friday, May 15, 2015

~Happy Birthday, to our dear Elijah!~

~Our Dear Elijah turned 7!  Elijah wanted to hold a number 7, so Noah helped us by making a "7" out of blocks.~
~Elijah had a guitar lesson early on his birthday, so while he was gone, I quickly made him a Happy Birthday table and got a cake and brunch ready for when he, Noah, and Daddy got back from the boys guitar lessons.~
~A simple choc. cake with chocolate Mousse.~
~A "7" and an "E" out of Lego type blocks helped make his table more special.~
~Elijah's gifts all ready for him to open.  (The toy store where Phillip bought the gifts wraps them for free, so that was a big help to this Mommy.) ~
~When Elijah got home from his lesson he was HAPPY with his birthday table and gifts.~
~U. Charlie and A. Yoli got Elijah some new shoes for his birthday! :-) ~
~Our Elijah "lives on the edge."
When I looked up the definition of "Living on the Edge" ...these are some of the things I read...
"Taking chances, experimenting, doing things that other people think are impossible!
...Living on the edge means living a dangerous and/or unusual everyday life. 
People who live on the edge are very frequently exposed to physical danger. :-)

The other day I took this picture of WHERE Elijah left his FORK after he had scrambled to eat and had run out the door to his guitar lessons. :-) ~
~And this is how he and Noah threw away their plates after his birthday brunch. :-) ~
~Then, We took Elijah to the ZOO to celebrate his birthday!
We had a quick stop at a nearby Chinese grocery store for some drinks and a volcano birthday candle to take with us!
This lady that works at the store was DELIGHTED that Abigail let her hold her.~
~Dear Aunt Yoli and Caro helped us get our zoo tickets for buy-one-get-one-50% off, and since Noah, Elijah, Mary, and Abigail were free, we ended up only paying for TWO of the EIGHT of us to get into the zoo! :-) ~

~The kids doing a silly picture.~
~Mr. Bear standing up.~
~Our 6 treasures.~
~The brown bear.  He looked all snuggly and fuzzy, but I don't think I'd want to snuggle with him. :-)~

~Baby Abigail~
~The white Tiger!~
~Phillip and I with the elephant behind us.  We like the buildings they have in this zoo.~

~Eating a snack.~
~Enjoying some chocolates that our friends Leo and Caro gave us.~
~Elijah with a monkey behind him.  He LOVES Curious George...and I think he might be "kin to him!"  :-) ~
~Abigail had a cold and wasn't feeling the best, so Kimberly carried her a lot this day.  Since she knew that Kimberly didn't want her to suck on her scarf, she kept trying to sneak and suck on it. :-) ~

~Abigail wearing Sarah's sunglasses.~

~Five of our children...Abigail was sleeping in the stroller.~

~My sweetheart and I.~
~Elijah, the birthday boy!~
~Elijah has such a tender heart and on his own has started praying that Hollywood would fall apart and that the bars and abortion clinics would close down.~

~Noah...acting like he is the statue of Abraham Lincoln.~
~The pretty Gazebo.~
~Our family and the pretty gazebo.~
~Sweet little Abigail....Going...~
~GONE! :-) ~
~Elijah loved this little yellow monkey and said he wished he had one! :-) ~

~Then for supper we went to a restaurant owned by some of our Chinese friends.
Mr. Han, the chef, and Elijah.~
~Our friends Leo and Caro, and their children met us there and gave Elijah a Nice gift.~
~Elijah opening his birthday gift from them.~
~His gift was something sort of like Legos.  Elijah Loves it!~
~Mr. Leo holding Abigail.~
~U. Charlie and A. Yoli joined us for supper too!~
~A. Yoli feeding Abigail with chopsticks.~

~Since we were going to be at the zoo, I knew that I couldn't make a cake and carry it all around the zoo, and then on the bus, so I had asked A. Yoli if she could pick a cake up and we would pay her.  Uncle Charlie ordered this pretty and yummy cake for Elijah. ~ 
~Our family and Elijah's cake.~
~Elijah watching his volcano candle.~

~Elijah acting like he was going to cut his cake.  He actually helps me in the kitchen A LOT chopping my vegetables, so is pretty good with a knife. :-)  He said he might be a chef like his Grandpa D. some day. :-) ~
~Waiting for his piece of cake.~
~Enjoying his piece of cake.~
~U. Charlie and Abigail.~
~The boys playing with Elijah's new gift in the corner of the restaurant.~
~Us ladies.~
Our friend that owns the restaurant (Along with her husband, the Chef) was answering a phone call for a food order WHILE holding baby Abigail!!!
Uncle Charlie was answering the other phone with another food order.
Our friends have GOOD food and keep pretty busy!~
~This is one of Elijah's gifts from us.  You put a balloon in the middle of this red thing and then everyone takes turns pushing in one of these gray poles until the balloon pops.  :-) ~
We Thank Jesus for sending us Elijah.  He is a BORN LEADER...and we are doing our Best to PRAY for Him and teach Him to love and serve Jesus and be a LEADER for Jesus all his life!


Anonymous said...

A Laura was too crazy busy yesterday to get you TOLD... but I thought of you and prayed for you! Happy Birthday!!!! From all of us. We love you!
A. Laura and this whole Haus of crazy cuzins!!! =)

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I love to hear our grandson, Elijah, pray! That boy knows how to open up and let 'er fly-just like a house-a-fire! I love it that he's praying for Hollywood to collapse, and for the bars and abortion clinics to close. I will try my best to help him pray towards that end. This looks like it was a wonderful day for seven year old Elijah. And I hope he always remembers his evening in the restaurant with all these Chinese friends in Argentina. Not all seven year olds get to do things like he is doing. I'm glad that Elijah has such a good family that loves him and that is guiding his footsteps towards Heaven. He looks pretty tough with some of his teeth missing! lol! Love, Grandma D

Anonymous said...

Dear Elijah, I have tried to post at least three times on Mommy's blog but it won't let me leave you a message. I will try on this line.
I enjoyed your post and your new shoes you got for your birthday from friends and the nice game that other friends bought you. It was nice to see you all get to go out to eat at the Chinese restaurant owners place. I was glad to see all your birthday pictures and see what a nice time you had. I love you, Gram

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