Tuesday, June 2, 2015

~Luann (and her girls) came to see us!~

 ~Luann, Kara and Bethany arrived at our house on Saturday morning, after flying nearly all day Friday and then all night.
They were pretty tired, but happy to be here!
I made 2 ham and cheese Tarts, coffee, and a fruit salad for breakfast, and we had a nice time catching up.~
 ~Then "Aunt Luann" began unpacking the FUN things that she had brought to us.  Luann, Kara, and Bethany brought some goodies from them, and then another Dear friend sent some gifts too!
Pictures of our CHRISTMAS will come soon! :-) ~
 ~Bethany, Mary, and Abigail (in her crawling socks.  ;-) ~
 ~Kara and Bethany bought matching hoodies for themselves and Kimberly and Sarah. :-) ~

 ~After Luann got a BABY nap, then we took them to downtown to eat supper, drink some coffee, and show them a little of the Buenos Aires.~

 ~We rode the train.~
 ~Since the coffee place was going to close LONG before the restaurant was, we had our coffee first.  Years ago, Luann is the one who INTRODUCED ME to Starbucks!
Luann LOVES coffee.
So, it was very fun taking her to 3 different Argentina coffee shops in the 4 days she was here. :-)
Kara and Kimberly in Havana!~
 ~Bethany and Sarah.~
 ~There was a table where Phillip and the boys could sit with us, so they sat at a table near us. ~
 ~Luann and I enjoying our Havana coffee.~
 ~We were taking them out for supper, but Luann insisted on treating us. :-) ~
 ~Doing some fun exercising at a nearby park on the walk home.~
 ~Here we are on Sunday morning, at the Chinese church with Caro, and Aunt Yoli.~
~Then after lunch at the Chinese church there was a young people's service.~
 ~Phillip was invited to speak to the young people, and Oso translated.~
 ~Phillip used baby Abigail as an illustration and she STOLE the show. :-) ~
 ~Abigail was DYING to get a hold of Phillip's microphone.~

 ~On Friday I baked some desserts so that while Luann was here, I wouldn't have to bake.  This was one of our desserts for Sunday night.~
 ~We got home from the Chinese church at 5:00 P.M. and our Bible study was to start at 6:00 P.M.  We had a very good Bible study and a nice visit over Skyline chili, and....~
 ~Something they call "Picada" here...which is Very Argentine!
Fernando and Mariela brought the Delicious Picada, some lemons from their lemon tree (which I used to make lemonade), and some little cookies and crackers.~
 ~I also made/served these lemon bars for another choice for dessert.~

 ~We had a good time of fellowship with Fernand, Mariela, Jeremiah, and Luann, Kara, and Bethany.~
 ~On Monday morning I served Choripan, (that sausage and bread with a special sauce) Coffee with milk, and Dulce de Leche (caramel) with apples.) ~
 ~Then we all took a bus down town.
While Kara, Kimberly, Phillip, and Elijah ran by the University (where Kara will study Spanish, and Kimberly will study Mandarin), we took Luann to another coffee shop.
Here's Noah and Mary.~

 ~Luann and I!  We Loved our cappuccino, and the chunk of chocolate on top!~
 ~Bethany and Sarah.~
 ~Pure yumminess!~
 ~Mary's face shows that she really enjoyed her hot chocolate.~
 ~Then when Elijah joined us, we took him to McD's to get some lunch, and to wait for Luann to sign some papers for Kara to study.
Here's Bethany, and Abigail, and Sarah.~

 ~Then we took a bus and ran them by to show them the Women's bridge.~
 ~Fun times, Fun Friends, Fun Memories!~

 ~Sarah and Bethany doing exercise! :-) ~
 ~Elijah and Noah.~
 ~Then we got some ice cream from McD's to enjoy by the bridge.~

 ~What?  Is Kara going to eat 4 ice cream cones? ;-) ~
 ~Luann and her girls~

 ~The Presidents house all lit up at night.~
 ~U. Charlie and A. Yoli, U. Leo, and A. Caro and family invited Luann and her girls, and our family out for supper!  So here we are in a bus going to meet them.~
 ~Bubu and Abigail.~
 ~The kids in the restaurant.~
 ~This was a Brazilian restaurant that had a yummy salad bar, and then all night long they brought Yummy grilled meat to our table.
We got so FULL, but it was a delicious FUN evening together! :-) ~
 ~Caro took these fun pics of us up at the salad bar.~

 ~U. Charlie showing Phillip and I some things on the salad bar.~
 ~Here's our waiter bringing freshly grilled meat to the girls' table.~
 ~This was the first time for Abigail to sit in a high chair.~
 ~One tired Mary.~
 ~U. Charlie and Abigail!~
 ~U. Charlie helping Abigail get a drink out of the cap of a water bottle.~
 ~Today (Tuesday) was Luann's LAST day here.  :-(
Here she is with Kara and Bethany before they left to go and study Spanish down town.~
 ~Because Bethany isn't quite old enough, she can't study at the same place where Kimberly and Kara are studying, so she has a nice private tutoress teaching her Spanish.~
 ~Here are the girls before they (and Phillip) left for their first day of classes.  To get to their classes, they WALK A LOT, take a bus, and then the subway.~

 ~And since Luann was leaving in a VERY few hours,
and since she LOVES coffee,
and since her heart was SAD (she's going MISS her girls!) we took her out for coffee at one last Coffee shop!  :-) ~
 ~Abigail didn't get coffee, but she got to come along with us.  :-) ~
 ~Elijah and Mary with their fresh fruit smoothies.~
 ~Luann and I with our DELICIOUS cappuccinos.~
 ~Sarah and Noah.~
 ~When Elijah got done eating, he came over and helped me by feeding baby Abigail. :-)~
 ~Then we walked to the train tracks and let the kids watch 3 trains go by, and walked around a bit to show Luann some shops and a bit of that area of Buenos Aires.~
 ~Argentinines LOVE Ice cream!!!
There are a gazillion ice cream shops within walking distance of our house.
So, we took Luann to get a small ice cream cone so she could at least taste the yummy ice cream they have here.~
 ~Elijah and Mary dressed up like "a Queen and a King!"
Don't you just LOVE Mary's "Neck pillow crown?" :-) ~
Then we hurried home, and Luann finished gathering her things, Phillip and the girls got home from their language classes, and U. Leo took Phillip and Luann to the airport.
~Luann Saying those HARD goodbyes...especially to her Girls.~

We are so GLAD that it worked out for Luann to come down!  We had a wonderful time being with her, and will enjoy having her girls here with us for the next month.
Pics of Our CHRISTMAS IN MAY to come as soon as I get time to post them! 


kristina james said...

Hey, you made my mouth water seeing the yummy food! Also, I love those light/dark jean skirts! How do you make those? Looks like you had great fun. I pray for you all.

Karen Walden said...

So neat that you posted these pictures! I had no idea you knew the Boardmans. I went to Honduras with Kara last year and Bethany this past February! Sweet girls. I even got to meet Luann too as she flew to Honduras the night before we flew back to the USA. How neat that the girls get to stay with you for a few weeks. :-)

Martha S.Bryan said...

Heather, I loved seeing all the pictures of Luann and her girls. They have really grown since Kimberly and her daughter's KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION. IT was so good being with them in their earlier days and seeing them again, I know you all will have a wonderful time together learning and doing lots together. Perhaps you can send me Luann's e-mail address? I love you all,Moma

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you told us that Abigail "didn't" get any coffee... for by the looks of her wiggling and squealing... she sure looks like someone slipped her some on the sly without her Momma knowing it! =) Love ya and enjoy ur time with company!!!! Much love from this Haus

Nicki said...

Love the bare feet, sandals, and heavy winter coat :-) Good to see pictures of Luann. Our first home was one they owned in Rock Island, IL.

Anonymous said...

How fun!! thats really cool that you all got to see them again! I bet Sarah and Kimberly are really excited!!!!!! I really enjoy getting to see all your pics! It makes me miss you all less!(if thats even possible) =) ;) :)
love you and miss you all so so so much!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fun time with your friends. :) Enjoy your blog! ((((((HUGS)))))) ~Crystal

lila said...

Wow!! What a nice treat to have Luann and her girls!! Loved, loved, loved this fun post!!!Luann looks as young as she did when in Phoenix!! I'm so happy her girls get to stay a month! So thankful Luann got to stay long enough to get to see and do a few things while there!!! Love you all and sooo wish we could come for a visit!!!! Love and prayers

Trisha said...

It was so nice to see all your pics of Luann and the girls and to see how much your family keeps growing!
Luann is also the one who introduced me to coffee on general and Starbucks in particular :). She is a special lady!
Trust you enjoy having Kara and Beth with you for the next few weeks!
Loved your pics of your 20th anniversary!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Hi Heather, You're getting prettier as the years go by. And not only that but, "Pretty is as pretty does", so you're pretty in two ways! What exceedingly busy days you are having! This year must be flying by for you (When the hours aren't dragging because of how much work you are doing!). This summary of your activities, and the pictures of you all with Luann, Kara, and Bethany brought happy moments of entertainment to me as I saw ALL that you have done to try to bring joy to the hearts of your visitors. Honey, you certainly know how to 'wine and dine' your company! (Forgive me! I had to write that. Ha!) It is fun to see Luann and her girls again by way of pictures. Back when they left AZ, I kind of wondered if I'd ever see those precious people again. It sounds as if they are making wholesome progress in each their lives. There are many cute details in so many of your pictures but I won't take time to mention each one. All I know is that I love seeing your family in these pictures, and I am very happy for the lives your family is touching in South America. Always with love, Mom D

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