Saturday, May 9, 2015

~Happy Mother's Day!!~

~Sweet Little Mary and I~

 God Made me a Mommy and made my dreams come True!
With each new baby I've been tickled PINK (or Blue! :-)
Each stage of their lives has been so Sweet!
Being a Mommy is such a Treat!

God planted in our home 6 seedlings, as tender as can be...
For us to work on and cultivate you see.
Our hope and Prayer is that they STAY on the Narrow Way,
So they can be planted in God's Heavenly Garden some day!
Mother's Day, Argentina, 2015
(Our version of Beth and Sophia's pic. :-)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Longer I am a Mommy, the more I appreciate what my Moma and Mom D. did for Phillip and Me.
Thank YOU, Moma and Mom D. for,
every pain you bore in labor,
every diaper and bottom you scrubbed,
every pair of Phillip's jeans / my bloomers you patched,
every load of laundry you washed, dried, and folded,
every dirty dish you washed,
every meal you cooked,
every bed you made...
Thank you for giving to the Lord by giving of yourself to us! 
We hope that you both have a VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!
Wish we could be with y'all to celebrate, but we are a little FAR away to do that! ;-)...
We look forward to one day getting to celebrate these special days with y'all again! :-)

~Dear Dad and Mom D. on your left and my Sweet Moma and Daddy on your right~
I hope that each of you ladies reading this...have a wonderful Mother's day! 


The Dickinsons said...

I love all three of you wonderful mommies.
Happy Mothers Day
Phillip Dickinson

Sherry L Dickinson said...

What a sweet post, dear Heather! Your poem is cute and you are definitely well up the road to being a wonderful mother to your children-nearly 18 years, in fact. Smile. Just as I love Beth & Sophia's long hair picture, I like yours and Mary's too. Your long hair brings joy to my heart! Thank you for this nice tribute to your mother and I. As you well know, being a mother has large rewards from the joy that her children bring to her heart. I think you are one beautiful mother to your little circle of children. Love, Mom D

Moma said...

Dearest Heather, This is Monday afternoon when it came to me that you probably had a post for Mother's Day! I loved it and the long long long hair of you and Little Mary is on the way! I long for the day you will be home and we can continue these times together. It was so good to be with your parents at the wonderful time your home pastor,s, the Eisenhardts made of that evening we spent together. I enjoyed so much our day yesterday with Daryl and Laura and the wonderful meal she made for her family and us to spend together. I was weary when I got home and just took the time to get on line and see the lovely post you made for "us". I love you, my littlest girl and enjoyed spending Mother's Day with Laura . . . and you on-line! Moma

lila said...

Very cute poem!! It is a sweet thing to be a Mother!!! Mine have brought heartaches but I love the love I have for my precious 4!! You have been blessed with 6 precious ones and I have no doubt they will all bring much happiness to you always!! Love an praers

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