Saturday, May 23, 2015

~English class and Homemade Bread class~

One night when the kids were coming to our house to study English, some of the ladies wanted to learn how to make my rolls.
So, we spent the evening making yummy rolls and French Bread, and eating, laughing, and having fun being together!
~For a simple dessert Kimberly made brownies and I decorated them. :-) ~

~I LOVE my new "Amor" sign that my girls got me for Mother's day.~

~Since I was BUSY in the kitchen showing the ladies how to make bread...I was SO GLAD for "Uncle Leo" who (along with others) helped keep baby Abigail happy! ~
~The ladies were great "students" and we had fun.~

~"Uncle Leo" even put baby Abigail to sleep!~
~While we were busy in the kitchen Phillip was teaching English in the Living room.~
~Almost ready to devour!~
~Buttering the tops of our rolls.~
~Some of the OVER 90 ROLLS that we made that night.~
~Pure yumminess!~
~U. Charlie and A. Yoli brought this Delicious meat, so with our rolls and a salad, homemade lemonade and Kimberly's brownies, we were all set! ~
~What a fun night! Great fellowship with our Dear friends!~
~Sarah reading the girls a story.~
~Dear Aunt Yoli and Nan washed up LOTS of dishes! 
Since Elijah's birthday was the very next day, and we were taking him to the zoo and would be gone nearly all day...their washing up the dishes was a BLESSING BEYOND WORDS!!  :-) ~
Such a Great evening!  We made lots of bread and fun memories!  :-)


Moma said...

What a nice evening! I loved the amor sign. Uncle Leo did a nice job putting Natalie to sleep. She looks so sweet, I wish that I could give her a hug. Glad for your nice evening.

Today Daddy grilled us some beef dinner for the holiday. It is cool here and a hint of rain. He is now back out working, he has all 8 of his garden beds in now and hopes to get a couple of them all planted yet today. Lots of love to you all, Moma

Moma said...

Sorry, I don't know why I called little Abagail Natalie - I guess our family is just getting too big!

lila said...

Looks like a fun evening!! I'm glad they helped with the dishes!! I hope their rolls will turn out good. Love and prayers

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