Monday, May 11, 2015

~My Happy Mother's Day~

I had a fun Mother's day!
~Here is a picture of our 6 wonderful blessings (from Jesus) and I!~
~Right before we left for Uruguay I saw this cute little tray! I loved it!  I thought it was fun that it looked OLD!  My Sweetheart bought it for me....~
~Then while in Uruguay I found this egg holder that nearly matches one of the egg holders on this tray. :-) ~
~For a special Mother's day breakfast (on Saturday morning) Sarah helped me make French Toast Roll-ups for breakfast!~
~I saw this recipe for French Toast roll-ups on FB and decided to try it.  We really enjoyed them.~
~We filled ours with P.Butter, OR cream cheese, OR Dulce de leche.  My favorite was cream cheese.  (And so we didn't have a sugar overload, we did not dip them in syrup, and we had a boiled egg with these. :-) ~
~A few days ago Phillip had written this verse on my chalkboard.~
~For Mother's day, we cut out the letters to spell "Mom" to hang.
I didn't want to erase his verse, so just hung them over it.~
~It appears that while here on earth, I may never get to meet Dear U. Charlie's Mom, who is older and lives far away from Argentina.
But, one day when she and I are in Heaven, I plan to hug her and THANK HER for alllll HER things that I got the privilege of using while living in her lovely home here in Argentina!  :-)
For Mother's day, I enjoyed setting this table with her pretty china.~

~My centerpiece.~

~I made 8 loaves of French Bread to pass out to 8 of my special friends / Mothers at the Chinese church on Sunday.~
~My gray skirt was one of my Mother's day gifts.  It's turning fall and chilly here, so it's tights and boot weather! Fall is my favorite Season, so I'm loving it. :-) ~
~On Saturday, I asked Phillip to buy us a simple dessert for us to enjoy on Sunday. :-) ~
~He found these choc. muffins and they were yummy...
~We enjoyed them with coffee on Sunday afternoon!~
~The youngest of our 6 bundles of Joy! ~
~She is so hilarious, she cracks us up and makes us squeal with happiness all the time!~
~I love her little Winnie the Pooh outfit that came from the Cramers.  ~
~Elijah LOVES Abigail to pieces!  The older she gets, I think they might be from the SAME MOLD! :-D ~
~Sunday evening, we had a nice Bible Study with Fernando and his family.  They almost couldn't come, for their car had trouble, but they were able to come on his motorcycle.
Fernando had heard the song, "No One ever cared for me like Jesus" in English and had liked it!  We found it in Spanish and were able to teach it to them Sunday night.~
~Then we shared our Mother's day supper with them.~
~Jello was our appetizer, and then THANKS TO THE STAMPERS, I served Skyline chili, lemonade and my French bread.  Mariela brought a yummy cake for dessert.~
~Fernando, Mariela, and Phillip, Kimberly, Sarah, and I.~
~Elijah, Jeremiah, and Noah.~
~Mariela and I.~
~Fernando and Phillip.~
~Their family, all ready to head home...with Phillip, Elijah, and Noah standing with them.  We thank the Lord for this precious family who wants all of God they can get!~
~Mary and Elijah made these BANNERS for me for Mother's day and then taped them on our bedroom door. :-) ~
~Noah and Elijah made up these little "chore boxes."  They wrote down some chores on some small papers, placed them in these boxes, and told me that whenever I want I can pull out a chore and they will do it! :-)  So cute!~
~Kimberly and Sarah went shopping for Mommy and these are the FUN things they bought me.  This cute glass Milk jar, this candle that smells SO GOOD and like Fall...(my favorite season), and this Adorable little sign that says, "Amor!" (Love!) ~

I got another little gift I'm anxious to show you, but I'll save that for later!  :-)
I hope that each of you had a WONDERFUL MOTHER'S DAY!
Thank you, Dear Jesus, for making me a Mommy!  :-)


Cindy Lopez said...

I want the recipe to those french toast roll ups

The Dickinsons said...

OK, I hope to post it soon. :-)


Cindy Lopez said...


lila said...

What a beautiful Mother's Day!!! As always everything was beautiful!! Enjoyed your post!! Love and prayers

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