Saturday, February 21, 2015

~Our visitors~

~For some time now we have been wanting to get with Percy and his girlfriend Sara. They attended the Allegheny Bible School in Peru where our fellow missionaries Bryon and Michele Fling worked. After living here the first time, we found out that they were also here in Buenos Aires.
The Flings have wanted us to meet them for some time now, and it finally worked out that we could meet them this past Monday.
~Since I wasn't for sure if they could come until last minute, and I had a busy Home school day, we just made a simple snack to serve them.~

~I'm enjoying having my little white tricycle to use again.  :-) ~

~Our simple menu was Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, a plate of pickles, olives, and cheeses, crackers and butter and jelly, sliced apples, homemade lemonade, and ice cream for dessert. :-) ~
~Here we are, L to R: Phillip, Percy, Sarah, and I.~
~Sara holding our Abigail and I.  We had a nice visit with them.  We got along great, and felt like we had known them all our lives. :-)~
~Phillip made a special effort to encourage them to seek after God.
They are to get married in March, Lord willing.
We are so happy to have some more special friends here.
Please keep this Dear Peruvian couple in your prayers!~


lila said...

Sweet, glad you finally got to meet them!!

Moma said...

Great, I didn't realize that this couple was in your country. Guess I missed your talking of them. So glad that you met and may God help in this situation. I meant to leave a message that we will pray for your sugar levels and that you find all parts of your machine, soon. This weather is something else and not suppose to be good for about 10 days at least. We went to church this morning and there were only three families there. We plan to go tonight at another one if it is having church, our church did not have services today. Lots of love, Moma

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, your snack turned out beautiful and looks so tasty! What a hospitable little Southern Belle you are! I love you for all you do for others! I have a feeling that Percy and Sara went home feeling happy. I'm glad that you stated their nationality because I did not realize that they were Peruvian. Michael would enjoy looking at these pictures of them! In the picture of you standing with Sara holding Abigail, the baby looks so much like a picture I have of Phillip when he was 4 months old. If I had the time, I would try to find that picture and scan it to you. Maybe some day.... Love, Mom D

Dorcas said...

Your snacks look so good! And I'm sure your time with friends was just wonderful!

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