Friday, February 20, 2015

~Our Abigail is 6 Months!~

As we look at the photos from being in Argentina a year ago, we see that all of our children have changed or grown.
However, ABIGAIL is the one who has GROWN the most!  :-)
THIS is how big Abigail was last January (this is her first ultrasound pic)...and now ....
just look at how BIG she is Today! :-)

The kids and I had fun setting up a little studio and taking Abigail's 6 month pictures. :-)
~As soon as we put her in the wooden box, Sarah said, "That would be cute if she leaned over and started sucking on the side of the box!" 
As if Abigail had understood Sarah...she leaned over and started sucking on the box. :-) ~
 ~You can see her cute little almond shaped eyes in this picture and the next.~

 ~She is such a happy content baby.~
 ~We L.O.V.E. our little PRECIOUS Abigail that Jesus sent us!~
 ~Love this sweet grin! And you can see her 2 bottom teeth!
(When she grins she reminds me of her Aunt Laura through the eyes. :-) ~
 ~Soooooo SWEET!
Love her Blue eyes!~
 ~Thank you, Dear Jesus, for sending this bundle of LOVE to our family! ~
Which Photo is YOUR favorite?
Thank you for taking the time to watch our little she is growing up! :-) 


Moma said...

Little Abagail is a dolly. And I hope you will wish her a "one-half a Happy Birthday" from Gramp and I. She probably understood Sarah wanted her to chew on that box! :) Love, Moma

lila said...

Adorable!!! I agree she looks like Laura. You did a nice job on the pics!! Love you all tons

Sherry L Dickinson said...

These pictures of A-BE-gail are SEW cute! I LOVE the last picture of Abigail! The first picture of her that you put up in the black and white sure reminded me of Darla. Smile. There was another picture of her that reminded me of Darla too. I'm telling you what! Your children are getting sweeter, the more that comes along! Love, Mom D PS - She is adorable chewing on the edge of that box!

Dorcas said...

All the pictures are so cute of her!! Hard choice which would be my favorite.

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