Saturday, February 7, 2015

~Sarah and I made Caro's Tarta!~

Sarah said the other day, "We ought to make it a tradition to make a big breakfast on Saturdays!"  
So, this morning I woke her up and asked her if she wanted to come down and help me make My Dear friend Caro's tarta (in English it is called a "tart") for breakfast!  
She agreed, and helped me put together 2 Delicious ham, cheese, egg and tomato tarts!  (Similar to a quiche.)
Thank you, Caro, for sharing your recipe!  
We thought good thoughts of you and your family while we ate the tarta today! 
We miss y'all and can't wait till y'all get back to Argentina!:-) ~
~Here is one of the Tarts ready to go into the oven.  Probably not as pretty as Caro would have made it, but, hey, for the first time, not bad. :-) ~
 ~Waiting ...Waiting...W.AI.T.I.N.G!  How can 45 minutes seem like an eternity when you are starved?!~
 ~A fresh fruit salad and your Tarts...along with some yummy Chinese green tea, and you have a YUMMY MEAL!~
~Phillip was holding Abigail and she fell sound asleep!~
Abigail all worn out!
~Life is rough! :-)  (Love her little head propped up by her little arm! :-) ~
When we moved from Colombia back in March 2013, we obviously couldn't take everything home to the USA, so I gave away most of MARY'S baby clothes, not realizing that Jesus would give us baby Abigail near the end of 2014!
So, when we found out we were having another baby girl, I knew that I didn't have many clothes for her!
BUT GOD.....
Baby Abigail was scheduled to be induced just 3 days after Comargo camp!
DURING Comargo camp one of the Cramer girls asked me if I needed clothes for my new baby girl.  I told her that YES I did!  
She told me to talk to her mother.
I did, and one afternoon during camp, her mother pulled out HUGE BINS of NICE GIRL clothes (6 months-3 or 4 T.) and let another lady and myself dig through the bins.
God (through Sis. Cramer) gave a Abigail a whole new wardrobe!  Some of the dresses and things were brand new!:-)
~Phillip and Abigail.
This cute little outfit was one of the fun outfits that she received and it was brand new!~
 ~Abigail wants her Grandma and her Gram to see what her blouse says!~


The Dickinsons said...

Dearest Heather,
Abigail is cute and this Gram was glad to see her and her cute outfit. It was also cute of her sleeping on Daddy's arm. I am glad for the new clothes you got for her.

Your tart looked delicious! I tried to leave a comment but it would not take it from me, so my reply is here. I Love You, Gram

Keith and Crystal said...

I've been enjoying your updates. :) I sent you a message on FB. I think (hopefully) I'm getting settled enough to start my blog again - I miss it. Have a great evening!!!!!

Daryl Hausman said...

I didn't even finish reading your post, and I laughed right out loud... there is poor dear Abigail in her birthday suite (plus a diaper) and your BOLD PRINT JUST BELOW... was about God caring about Baby clothes. I laughed right out loud! She's a LIL chunker!!! Made me miss her LOTS to see how much she's grown! Your tarts look delish, too! Now I'll go finish reading your post. just made me smile right out loud! So sweet! Love and miss ya'll, laura

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