Tuesday, February 10, 2015

~I Fell tonight!~

I'm very THANKFUL for God's protection tonight.  

Phillip and I (and Abigail) went out to get some groceries and go for a quick date this evening.
We were WALKING (since we walk everywhere we go here :-) and I went to look and see if Abigail had fallen asleep in her stroller that Phillip was pushing.

Right then there was a hole in the sidewalk and a brick STICKING up, which I didn't see!
I caught my foot on it and went Sprawling HEAD FIRST onto the HARD GROUND.
Thank the Lord instead of hitting my face or head...I was able to catch my whole weight with my left hand, but I bent my fingers backwards.  :-(
I got up and held onto Phillip and then said, "I'm GOING TO FAINT!!!"

And sure enough before he could lay me down, I fainted in his arms.  As he was trying to lay me down a man and a lady came by and asked if they needed to call an ambulance!
Phillip told them that he thought I would be ok, but that I had tripped and fallen and hurt my wrist and hand badly and must have fainted from the pain.  They didn't look convinced that I was ok.  :-)

Right then I came to, and there I lay on the sidewalk looking up at the tree and sky and Phillip and 2 strangers.
For awhile....I had NO CLUE where I was!
But, I shortly remembered that I was in in Buenos Aires and had fallen and must have fainted. I assured the man and lady that I was going to be fine and that Phillip was my husband.

Thank the Lord that He kept Baby Abigail content in the stroller the whole time while this was happening, for if she would have cried, neither one of us could have helped her!

I'm quite SORE all over, but THANK THE LORD I don't think I broke anything!
You can pray that Abigail will let me get a good night's sleep tonight.  

God is Good, All the TIME!


Bryon and Michele Fling said...

Oh dear, Heather.....was praying for you today and it came to pray for protection etc....so thankful Jesus took care of you. It could have been much worse....broken teeth etc . Hugs!!!

Nicki said...

So thankful you are sore, but OK.
Love, Nicki

Daryl Hausman said...

So sorry, Heather. And glad it wasn't much worse and that your okay. sorry about the fainting, that is scary too! Trust you can rest well tonight! We'll be praying! Love you! Laura

lila said...

Bless your dear heart!!! Wow that is a scary feeling passing out!! So thankful you are ok. Will be praying you feel better soon!!! Love you tons

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