Tuesday, February 10, 2015

~Thank you for your prayers for me!~

Thank you, everyone for your sweet comments and prayers concerning my Fall last night!!
I'm no wimp when it comes to pain, for I delivered our 10 lb. 6.7 oz. baby with no pain meds., so you know that I WAS IN excruciating pain last night when I fell and landed on my hand.
I thought I must've broken my fingers, hand, or wrist.

But, This morning, I'm wondering if God didn't HEAL my hand?!? 

For I was in soooooo much pain before I fainted, and afterward, my hand was just sore.
Phillip was SHOCKED at the difference before and after I fainted!

I may never know, but I do know that God has definitely touched me! :-)
Thank y'all for your comments and prayers, they mean so much!!

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