Monday, February 2, 2015

~Abigail has her "driver's license" now! :-) ~

~Since Abigail has no bouncy seat or anything here, and only could lay in her bed, or on a blanket, we got her a walker.
At first she didn't know what to think of it....but after Elijah and Mary taught her that it moves...
she now goes EVERYWHERE!  :-)
These pictures are for GRAM (and Gramp :-) and the other Grandparents to see!~
~Mary and Elijah love to take turns dragging pulling her around the house in her walker!  :-) ~
Here are some pictures of our Sunday at the Chinese church.
Phillip and the kids went our first Lord's day here, but Mary and Abigail were getting over being sick, so I stayed home with them.
~Here are how Phillip and Noah rode the bus for the 45 min. ride to church.~
~This is our friend Clara who owns a yummy Chinese food restaurant.
Everyone at church loved meeting Baby Abigail! :-)  It was So Nice seeing all our dear friends at the Chinese church again!  But, we missed getting to see our Precious friends Leo and Caro and their children...who are gone right now!  Hurry Home to us, Leo and Caro! :-) ~
~The boys visiting before Sunday School started.
They serve the kids a muffin and some juice before S.S. starts.
The toilet paper in this picture is being used for "napkins" for the snack  The paper napkins here are pretty expensive.~
~Kimberly taught the Sunday school kids a new song Sunday, and I played the piano.~

~The service was very special on Sunday.  9 people were baptized, including our good friend Oso and his wife!  It brought tears to our eyes to see them dedicating their lives to Jesus!~
~Our friend Oso's wife getting baptized, and our other friend in the red blouse waiting with a towel to help her get out of the water.~
~This guy in the middle was a visiting Pastor named Bro. Luke.  The Lord helped him as he preached that morning.  He spoke English well.  It was a joy to get to visit with him over Sunday dinner.
Here are L to R: Phillip, Bro. Luke, and Uncle Charlie.~
~Phillip and I with Bro. Luke.~
~This is Clara's husband, Han holding Abigail.
He helped Uncle Charlie pick us up from the airport. 
May God richly BLESS each one for their kindness to our family.~


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sending a picture of Baby Abigail in her new walker. She looks so cute with her "big sister" Mary! I enjoyed seeing all the pictures of you all at church and all your friends. Love, Moma

Martha S. Bryan said...

Just noticed Mary's little green dress. Is it one of those that I made Sarah and Kimberly a long time ago? Love, Moma

Daryl Hausman said...

Lil Abigail is growing like a weed!
Love ya'll!

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