Tuesday, September 2, 2014

~Abigail's first Sunday, our 3rd floor shower, and our Labor Day.~

 ~The Ladies from our church are being SUCH A BLESSING and bringing in meals for our family every other day for 2 weeks.  WOW!  I can't tell you how our family has enjoyed their yummy meals...and they have really lifted my load!!
I didn't get a picture of every meal, but I did get one of this "picnic lunch" that Sarah S. packed for us to enjoy in our backyard on Labor day.  =) ~
 ~Such fun plates, napkins, and straws.~
 ~Jesus has helped Phillip and our shower that he put in on our 3rd floor is done and BEAUTIFUL!  He took out a closet up there and is putting in a bathroom.  I love our new shower. ~
 ~Phillip is waiting on GOD and looking at used Construction supply stores and he got most of our tile for our shower for nearly free. 
God gave him our Kohler sink for a GREAT deal, and a custom made $150.00 door that we can use for our bathroom...for ONLY $12.00!  
Isn't God awesome?!!!!
He's supplying the things we need for our 3rd floor bathroom, for CHEAP!
This is Phillip's first tile job...and I think it turned out gorgeous. ~
 ~This past Sunday was Abigail's first Sunday to church. ~
 ~Jesus helped Natasha, Jessica, and Brittany with their special song.~
 ~My good friend Becky was in town.~
 ~Bro. Mills and Abigail.~
 ~This is the yummy Sunday dinner that the ladies sent in.  Delish!!~
 ~We decided to invite the Hausmans and Michael and Beth and their family down to share our Labor day picnic.
However, the weather was a little "runny" that day...so we had our "picnic" inside.
I made some extra food to go with what Sarah  had sent in, and Laura and Beth brought a bunch of food, and we had quite the spread.  I decorated in a Coca Cola theme.~
 ~I put the drinks over on my antique stove.  There were more drinks later, but I forgot to get a pic of them.~
 ~This was the first time that Michael and Beth and family had seen Abigail.  She was 12 days on Labor day.~
 ~We were happy that Beth's sweet twin sister Amy came too.~
 ~U. Michael and Abigail.~
 ~Lil' Joshua meets Abigail.~
 ~"Aunt Amy" meets Abigail.~
 ~The fun gifts that Michael and Beth gave to Abigail.~
 ~What a cute dress.~
 ~On Sunday evening, I boiled 16 or so eggs to make deviled eggs, and made up jello jigglers.  Amy and Beth were such a help with the last minute preparations, helping stuff the deviled eggs, and cut the jello jigglers into stars.~
 ~Adorable Joshua.~

 ~Where the line began...~
 ~Fun straws for the kids and adults too. =) ~
 ~LOTS of food! It was all wonderful!!~
 ~I grabbed an old blue and white gingham maternity jumper and threw it over this table for my "tablecloth!"  The material was too cute to throw away. =) ~
 ~Yummy goodies!~
 ~S'mores...waiting to be devoured...but we never got out to do them.  We didn't need them...for we had lots of sweetness to enjoy. ~
 ~Kimberly made no-bakes for me, and Laura (Bryan) made pretzel rods, and a wonderful "Sock it to me cake!" ~

 ~Yummy deviled eggs.~
 ~Our "ice bucket!"~
 ~We had a great time visiting and LAUGHING!!!  Michael always makes us laugh!~

 ~The kids played out in the rain.  =) ~
 ~Phillip's birthday is this week...so Laura surprised him by making him a DELICIOUS ice cream cake to celebrate!  =)  Pardon the candle...I didn't have any birthday candles on hands.~
 ~Isaiah, U. Phillip, and his cake.~

 ~Everyone loved taking turns holding baby Abigail.  =) ~
 ~Sisters....Beth, Heather, Amy, and Laura.~
 ~Beth...is my FAVORITE sis-in-love on the Dickinson side.  =)
(I only have one sis-in-love on the Dickinson side! =)
Beth is such a dear and I love her to pieces!!  =)


lila said...

WOW!! What a nice spread!!! You could have called the whole neighbor hood in! lol... So nice Michael and Beth got be there and see adorable Abigail. Enjoyed your post! Love you all

Roberta said...

244What a Happy Labor Day your family had with so many dear guests! Abigail is so precious and kissable. The new 3rd-floor bathroom is looking great. Phillip certainly did a fine job on the tiling, and God is honoring your stewardship by providing things at low cost. Glad your church ladies brought your family so many meals after Abigail's birth--a REAL blessing to a busy mom!

Martha S. Bryan said...

Dearest Heather, WOW, what a wonder your Hubby did with the shower! He is great with whatever he tries. I am glad for the good buys he got by looking for them and waiting. I love the wallpaper he did on our master bedroom. Abigail needs to come "home" and see us, so glad we could be there and I could see her come to be with our family. Love to you all, Moma

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