Monday, September 29, 2014

~Celebrating our Mary~

 ~Gramp and Gram came over on Friday before Mary's birthday, so here is Gram giving Mary her present.~
 ~Years ago I got a cake pan to make a checkerboard cake.  So, I had fun making a pink and white Checkerboard cake for Mary's birthday. ~
 ~I got adorable Choral, Gray, and white pom poms from a friends' wedding (I rescued them from being thrown away) and planned Mary's birthday dinner around those colors. =)
Here's little Mary's place setting.~

 ~Mary's coffee cup.~

 ~I ran a gray and white chevron ribbon down the table as a table runner.~
 ~Her cute little spoon and fork.~
 ~In between the cake layers was my homemade Raspberry jam.
The icing was vanilla pudding mixed with 1 1/2 cups milk and instant coffee.
Then I stirred an 8 oz. coolwhip into it.
It was DELISH...but was more runny than I had planned, so my plans changed for the top of the cake.
I just put down a small piece of saran wrap and used a BRAND NEW gray and white polka dotted hair bow I had just purchased for Abigail as the topper. =) ~

 ~Mary and her table.~

 ~I made raspberry lemonade and Laura made a pear salad that perfectly matched my table.  =) ~

 ~I hung the choral and white pom poms in between the L.R. and D.R.   The Hausmans were able to join us for Mary's little celebration.  (Sadly, Daddy was in Colombia and couldn't be here.) ~

 ~Her pink and white Checkerboard cake.~

 ~Mary opening her gift from Darla and Bryan and family.~
 ~Mary in person!  =) ~
 ~Mary and her SIDEKICK...Elijah!~

 ~Mary's tiny sister Abigail.  =) ~

 ~We made Colombian Arepas and coffee for Mary's birthday breakfast.  An arepa is sort of like a cake made out of corn flour, with cheese in it.  It is very popular in Colombia and reminds us of the taste of Popcorn, due to the salt in it and the butter it is cooked in.~
 ~Mary's gifts.  A whole lot of LITTLE gifts...put into big gift bags.  =) ~
 ~Mary wearing her new blouse from Grandpa and Grandma!~
 ~our family loves to do S'mores, so I thought this blouse was fitting.~
 ~Mary opening gifts.~
 ~She got a little metal tea set, which she is enjoying with her brothers.~


The Dickinsons said...

My Dearest li'l Mary,
I hope that you're birthday week is going well. How I wish that I could be with you; I miss you so much! I loved seeing pictures of your birthday week; it helps with missing you all there. Everything looks so pretty and happy; you hace the best Mommy ever! God has really been blessing us together here in the preaching and teaching here in Colombia!
XOXO and much love,

The Dickinsons said...

Oops, that was "your" birthday week...

Dorcas said...

The cake is beautiful! Belated Happy Birthday, Mary!!

lila said...

Very nice birthday I must say!! Everything is so beautiful as always. Glad Gram and Gramp got to be there. Love you all tons

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Well, since no one else is eating it, I guess I'll eat that piece of cake at the end of your blog post. That is one beautiful and delicious looking cake! I would love a checker colored cake like that with the very same pink and white colors! You made this birthday party for Mary just absolutely stunning! The colors are so pretty together. It is a WHOLE LOT OF WORK to make a pretty birthday celebration like this one is! I don't know how you manage to keep up with all your birthday plans, on top of everything else that keeps you busy but somehow you always do it. Mary's shirt with the S'mores on the front is very cute. Thank you for taking a picture with her wearing it. I love the pictures with the family sitting at the table eating. I wonder who gave Mary her little tea set? Gram, maybe? Is little Mr Elijah doing alright, physically? I like the circle of white balls on the black & white background. ((Hopefully you know which framed décor I am talking about.) I LOVE seeing all this pretty decoration with all of you guys mixed in with it. Smile. I LOVE seeing these pictures of you two families getting to spend quality time with each other. God is so good to us, isn't he? Love, Mom D. PS-Remember, little Mary shares a birthday with my mom's, mom, Lois Henderson. She passed away at the age of 56, on January 5, 1956, with cancer. She got saved not too long before she died. Like maybe a year and a half before then. How merciful our dear Savior is to us!

RicKaren said...

What a cute party! The cake looks delicious. Happy Birthday, sweet Mary!

Martha S. Bryan said...

Oh, Little Mary I am so late in posting your birthday greeting! It was so nice being with you before your birthday, wish we could have been with you on Monday but we wouldn't seen your Daddy before he left for Colombia. We love you little girl and are so happy God gave you to us. Love, Gram

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
I love the decor for Mary's birthday table! I love the gray and pink!! My has she grown up, but still such a cutie, too! Well got a run.... Love and prayers, Hannah Klunder

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