Tuesday, August 26, 2014

~Abigail's hospital pics~

 ~I was so excited to get Abigail's hospital pics taken, and could NOT wait to put them on my blog.  The photographer told me that we'd get an email just a few short hours later telling us when we could view them.  Well.....that email NEVER came.

I was so DISAPPOINTED, for I wanted y'all (and our kids at home who were DYING to be with us) to see these pics while we were still in the hospital.

The email NEVER came...so finally last night I was telling Kimberly and Sarah how SAD I was that that email hadn't come in... for I REALLY wanted to see her hospital pics.
That's when they said that it did come in, but our gmail account considered it a "promotion" and didn't put them in our main inbox.  =(
Of course with a new baby, I haven't been BORED, and haven't had a lot of time to sit around looking in all the inboxes of our Gmail trying to find that email.  I just assumed they'd come in our MAIN inbox.
Here, they CAME the very day the photographer said they would, but since I didn't think to look in our "promotions inbox" I missed them.  Grrr.  =,(
Anyways, 5 days later...here they are!  =)
I asked permission from the photographer and she said that I could post these pictures on my blog, but not on FB!
We are VERY HAPPY with how these pictures turned out.
This is the 2nd time to use MOM365 and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!  Their new born pictures are wonderful, and they are great to work with!!!

Baby and I are doing well. Can't believe she is a week old tomorrow. =( I'm one tired Mommy, but trying to get rested up. Abigail is one LOVED little baby girl!!!! She gets sooooo many squeezes and hugs and kisses that she might wish she were back where she came from. Hee! Hee! =)


Nicki said...

She is so precious. I especially like the one of her looking at Philip.

Anonymous said...

Oh Heather,
What a DOLL BABY !!! Just
perfect in every way !!! It had
to have been so frustrating to
think that the pics hadn't been
emailed and then more frustrating
to find out they had and were in
the promotional inbox !! UGH
Thank you for sharing these so
we all can see. May God give
you strength each day and you
and baby Abigail good health
in the coming months. I can
see a family resemblance....do
you think she looks like sweet
Mary did at 1 week old?
Take care and pace yourself!!

lila said...

Another adorable baby Dickinson!! She is so precious!! I can only imagine all the love and hugs she is being smothered with!! So glad all went well and you are doing well. Hope to see you all soon. Will call you later this wk. Love and prayers

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather, We are so happy with that baby girl. It was so nice to be with you for a few days. I think that we should be coming back to see you for I miss everyone so much. The pictures are so sweet, I have never had a little one to look up at me so much of the time since she is born. I loved her smile when we came over to say goodbye, surely she she wasn't really smiling. I have treasured Brittany's little smile when I came back to help her and her Mommy again after her Mommy's set back and she was just three weeks. Your little one was so awake all the time that maybe she was really smiling at us!

Daddy and I are at now home and I am so happy with the dishwasher that Uncle Dan came and put in for us. Thank you all so much for your donation on it, Grandmother was so sweet to suggest to all that I get it for my birthday. I love it! Will send this to you and think how I can convince Daddy that we NEED to come back! Love, Moma

Dorcas said...

Your baby is so adorable!! So happy that your girls found the pictures in your email for you and thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
What lovely pictures of such an adorable baby girl! I'm so happy you got these! And both of you (Mommy and Daddy) look so young! Wow, I really can't say which one is my favorite...I just love them all! And such prefect posses, too!
Enjoy your little Abigail while she is little, for my Abigail is walking and has already found out how much "fun" it is to play in the toilet! Yuck!!! Don't get me wrong there are many fun thing about our little Abigail, too! And I'm soaking it up! : )
Love and Prayers, Hannah klunder

Charity said...

Oh, she's beautiful!!!! Congratulations!!! (and Mom 365 did our little one's hospital pictures too. We were very pleased!)

Abigail Kuhn said...

Beautiful pictures and Beautiful little girl!!! Mom 365 did our girls pictures too. We have yet to get the CD with them all on them, but we will one of these days! :)

ajg said...

What a beautiful and blessed little one! The pictures are adorable! I hope you are getting some rest!

Anonymous said...

Lady this pictures clearly state they are owned by Mom365. You can't share them online without their explicit permission. Please respect other people's work.

The Dickinsons said...

Dear Anonymous,
I did ask permission from the Mom365 photographer at the hospital. She said that I could post these pictures on my blog, but not on FB.


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