Wednesday, September 10, 2014

~Pics of Abigail... ~

 and of Abigail and Mommy's VERY WILLING "helpers" =)
Thanks bunches for your super sweet comments about Abigail's nursery.  I surely had fun putting it together. =)
Here are some random pics of little Abigail and of our other children.
~When my Moma (Abigail's Gram) sleeps, she frowns.  
When I sleep...I frown.  
Look at Abigail's FROWN. She had CREASES in her little forehead, like she must have been frowning in the womb. =) ~
 ~Gramp clipping little Abigail's fingernails.~
 ~Gram made me a "curl" on top of my head.~
 ~Trying to get a picture of little Abigail in the little outfit she got from the hospital.  This one cracked us up...for it looks like she is doing the peace sign here.  =) ~
 ~Much better.~
 ~So sweet in pink.~

 ~Mary is IN L.O.V.E. with Abigail and does a great job holding her...sunglasses and all. =) ~
~On my last post I showed you the JCP pic of 4 of our children's feet.  
Here's my take on Mary and Abigail's feet.  =) ~

 ~Abigail after her first bath.  All squeaky clean.~

 ~Elijah can't get enough of holding, kissing, and loving on Abigail.  =) ~

~Sarah, Abigail and Mommy on a walk...her first outing.  =)  She was 9 days old.  
Jesus and someone special (I don't know who) provided this car seat and stroller for Abigail for FREE.  
Isn't that so sweet?!!!! =)~
 ~I love the little ducky on Abigail's little "bucket!" =D ~
~ I'm trying to take it easy and rest and heal.  I DO notice that it seems to take longer to re-coup from having a baby...when one is almost 41.  =)  But, Abigail is SOOOO WORTH it!!

See, just looking at this can see WHY I mentioned above that I have LOTS of WILLING helpers!!!!  =)~


Anonymous said...

Heather...these are just
PRECIOUS !!!! have
the most gorgeous kiddo's AND
you don't even look like you've
just had a baby. I know you had
to watch your diet so carefully
and now the upside
extra weight to lose.
May God just continue to give
you strength and bless your
family !!! Always love seeing
your posts and getting a glimpse
into your everyday life.

lila said...

She is such a doll!!! What cute poses.

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