Sunday, September 7, 2014

~Baby Abigail's nursery!~

 When Mary joined our family 4 years ago...we made a quick nursery in what will someday be our Master bathroom.
I had done our Mary's nursery in pink and brown.
While still in Argentina I began to think how I wanted to do baby Abigail's nursery.  I decided that I wanted to take out the brown and add a light gray to her nursery.  But, I didn't want to spend hardly any money. Jesus has helped me put together a fun nursery that I'm thrilled with for just a little bit of cash.  =)
~Years ago one of my friends gave me this pretty gold mirror.
In thinking about Abigail's nursery I decided that I wanted to spray paint that mirror pink to hang above her crib.   I L.O.V.E. how it turned out.   See pics on down in my post for the cute results.  =) ~
 ~Since we have been on the mission field for my last 3 babies...I haven't really had a comfortable chair to nurse/rock my babies in.
So, right before I checked out at Once upon a Child I happened to see this gliding rocker.  It was marked $35.00 and since I had a 20% off coupon, I got it for $28.00!  =)
But, the cushions were a sunshine yellow.
My next stop was Goodwill...where I found a Pottery Barn Kids' pink flat sheet for $3.00, and this gray pillow for $1.00.
As soon as I saw the pink bed sheet I knew that it was going to help me cover the yellow cushions on my "new to me" glider rocker.  =) ~
 ~Abigail's Nursery.~
 ~I love these items hanging above Abigail's crib. ...
 ~ the pink,.... =) ~
 ~This sweet Scripture...~
 ~And Our kids' feet pic from JCP!~
 ~On top of the dresser in her room.
(Her new born pic is now in that empty pink frame sitting on her antique baby scales someone gave me.  =)~
 ~I love the crocheted pink blanket, and light gray and white blanket that Jesus helped me put together to hang over her crib.
The pink blanket came from my Moma (Gram) for Mary, and the gray and white blanket came from Meijers.
My sweet Moma had made the pink bed ruffle for Mary.~
~The gray and white polka dotted baby sheet came from Target.~
~I made the gray and white pillow in the corner of her crib...
 ~and the white pillow with the pink buttons came from Argentina.~

 ~I wanted a lamp for her bedroom and found this fun lamp at Goodwill (minus the shade.) for $3.00.
I love this old pink and white metal can of talc powder that someone gave me.~
 ~Phillip made this walnut shelf to hang our first baby girl's clothes how fitting to get to use it for baby #6.~
 ~Baby Abigail's first "photo shoot"...when she was just 9 1/2 weeks old in Mommy's tummy. =)  ~
  ~My gliding all pink...thanks to my $3.00 flat bed sheet, and Jesus' help.  =)
All Mothers that have to be up at 3:00 A.M. can agree with me, that one NEEDS something comfortable to sit and rock their baby in.  Something one can lean their head back onto and "rest."  So...I THANK JESUS for giving me this rocker.  I LOVE's so comfortable!!~
 ~I got Abigail's baby book at Hallmark...75% off.  It's based on the fun book, "Guess How much I love you!"  Kimberly N. gave this little "Guess how Much I love you" book to our Kimberly when she was just a baby. =)
The baby book I bought for Abigail had a spot of glue on the ribbon on the front which told me that something must have fallen off the front of this baby book.
That didn't stop me from buying it, for I knew I could glue these 3 neat buttons on the front, which is what I came home and did.  =)~
 ~When we first got our house the window in Abigail's nursery was all broken out and boarded up.  Since it was a special order size, we PRAYED that God would help us find a replacement window for a good deal.  One day, Phillip found this window at a used Construction store or Lowe's that was JUST the right size...and JUST THE RIGHT PRICE!  God gave it to us for CHEAP compared to what "special order windows" normally cost.  =D
So saying the above...The window in Abigail's nursery still doesn't have framing around it yet...but that didn't stop me from decorating it.  =)
I just set up some white window shutters that I got at Goodwill, and this FUN sign that says, "It's a Girl" that I got 40% off at Hobby Lobby.
I love the pinks, whites, and grays in this sign.~
 ~These 3 are hanging above Abigail's changing table.~
 ~A fun little sign that says, "Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."
I had purchased this sign last time we were here, for $3.00 at The Christmas Tree shops.  I added the sweet pink and white stripped ribbon with which to hang it.~
 ~I took the "A" from the wooden letters that had spelled M-A-R-Y on her crib...and spray painted it pink to hang on the wall in Abigail's nursery.~
 ~I love this fun gray and white Chevron sign.~
 ~A pose from Abigail's new born pics that we got for free.
I already had the frame which was just a ply wood type I got out my pink spray paint and painted it.  =D ~

 ~Here's her other newborn pic in that pink frame sitting on her antique baby scales.~
 ~I love this little sign that we got in New Orleans that says, "Children are Blessings from Above." ~
 ~My old window with Mary's little dress from Argentina hanging on it...sits in the corner of Abigail's nursery.~
 ~I LOVE this pink and white stripped bear that I had purchased for Mary's nursery.~
 ~Baby Abigail's 3D pic of her face in a frame.~
 ~I found this basket at Goodwill for $1.00 and knew I needed a garbage can for her nursery.  So, I got it, and guessed got spray painted pink too.
It looks so cute sitting beside my pink glider rocker.
Abigail won't remember her nursery...but it surely is a FUN place for her Mommy to enjoy these few months before we go back to Argentina.
It makes my heart smile!  =) ~


RicKaren said...

Adorable! You did a great job, momma!

Diana M. Eckert said...

What a lovely nursery you have for Abigail!

Brittany said...

Congratulations on your BEAUTIFUL baby girl! She is an absolute doll!
I just love every single detail of her darling nursery - you did an amazing job! All the sweet vintage touches are just precious - it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your nursery is absolutely
beautiful and fit for your
little Princess Abigail !!!
I love how you can save so
much money, repurpose, and
still have such a classy
look to a room. Yes, Thank
Jesus for giving great deals and
blessings to accomplish that
goal. I hope that you are taking
care of yourself and getting rest.
Love seeing your posts and photo's. God Bless...

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
I love Abigail's room! The pink and gray is perfect! I love how you take what you have and with a little paint and make a room soooooo cute for your sweet baby! And yes I totally get the whole 3:00 in the morning thing. I always wondered how my husband could get by with 6 to 7 hrs. of sleep a night...until one night I also got 6hrs of solid sleep and I felt like I had slept forever! Well, let's just enjoy this season of our lives, because as you and I goes soooooo fast! Love and prayers, Hannah Klunder

lila said...

It was so fun seeing the nursery in person and thoroughly enjoyed all the details in this post. You have a nice decorating talent. Your family is so blessed. Great job!!! It was also so precious to hold that sweet baby Abigail!! Love and prayers

Kimberly said...

It looks beautiful, Heather!! So glad for that comfortable chair for you:) it was fun to see that book and the little sign you found in NO! Love to all...

Martha S. Bryan said...

Dearest Heather, I loved your post on Baby's room. Tho I have seen it in person it was fun to see it again in print and read how you made it so pretty! Dear Little Abigail is so pretty and so sweet. I still can't get over how she looked and looked at each one who held her when she was born. She amazed all of us looking like she was here awhile instead of just coming out of . . . lets see, I guess it was a mess! :}
She is a dear and we can't wait to have her come to our house.
Love, Moma Oh yes, looking forward to everyone else coming too!

Roseanne said...

You did such a great job on the nursery. Love the gray and pink and your decor style. Soo cute and fun. Thank the Lord for the beautiful rocking chair. What a blessing.

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